⌛ COMING SOON! Age of Empires II: DE September Update!

Can the elephants speed be moved up a bit faster? Even if its by .3.

I wonder if the game could be enhanced so that as soon as a villager constructs a gate, the gate is ‘down’ by default and the villagers back away a few pixels so they don’t leave the gate open for enemies to stream through?

Again no balance changes or fix to the frequency of disconnects on 4v4 games?

Just lost a game today in part due to my repair villager opening the gate to start repairing it, allowing 3 M@A to walk in and start harassing. Feelsbadman

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fishermen workrate is a very situational bonus. Very few maps like Bedouins and Mountain ridges were u can get a good benefit from that. People are facing problem with Khmer Battle eles in Teamgames because of their speed and Khmer farm bonus combined together. You’d rarely see Burmese or Vietnamese elephants in evenly matched 1v1s or TGs amongst good players. It will mostly be flank Arbalest-Rattan archers for Vietnamese or pocket Arambai for Burmese.
I think giving Battle Elephants to Indians might not change the way Indians are played in TGs right now at a competitive level, but it will be a good alternative. Not that Indians need Battle Elephants, but it will be interesting to see and I don’t think it will make them OP. It will be like Mongol having Steppe lancers now.

Will there be any Slav/Lithuanians/Teutons campaign? There’s a big hole on the Europe map which could seem like the perfect place for an Alexander Nevsky & or Grunwald campaigns!

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Lets hope they fixed the random drops when loading the game on ranked TGs which were introduced in last patch. They can be very annoying and they occur here and there for majority of players.

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Not cool…
Hope this can be fixed, too

I would love to have regional monks skins…


I think Japan should strengthen.

Same. Give the monks of Middle Eastern civs Iman skins and the monks East Asian civs Buddhist priest skins.


No fix on the Pause/Unpause feature? There has been a problem lately of players being able to immediately unpause games after someone pauses it.

If anything they should swap the unique unit with Persians.
Elephant archers together with trashbows might actually see some use. While the better food eco of indians could give the War Elephant some use, and Indians would finally have a decent Elephant unit.

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Pure dream man… this never gonna happen.

Patch notes or RIOT.

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image image image image


The AI ​​surrenders too quickly

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I think Japan can have crop ratation or heavy catapult.

There is a command that lets them not surrender and fight to the death

Of the last 10 games I played, in 8 someone has been sent off and ruined the game! Can you fix that please !! It is unplayable!