⌛ COMING SOON! Age of Empires II: DE September Update!

Are War Elephants ‘decent’? News to me, I thought they were considered mostly unusable. Indeed, they are hard to make work, although they are easier to make work than elephant archers, that much is for sure.

With the better Indian food eco they could be.
Non elite War elephant has around the same strength as an Elite Battle elephant, costing 80 food more.
So every ~10 villagers that you create make up for the cost difference between War and Battle elephant. Not saying they are great, but giving them to Indians could actually give them a role.
Indians do have the eco to produce Elephant archers, they are only useless, because Indians can’t really make use of food archers.

Agreed. As @TwentyErmine740 mentions, there’s an AI command you can do from the chat window… it is “104”.

There’s been discussion on this over here… and I proposed a solution that would help things a lot in a Quality of Life (QoL) way:

The September Update is now available!