Compaign AI won't correctly research several military techs

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  • GAME BUILD #: #66692
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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In the update 66692, I found some AI changes in compagn scenarios, the most obvious thing is that AI won’t correctly research several military techs.

(All games discribed below are played in “hard” difficulty.)

For example, with many times of test by myself, in the 5th scenario “Jihad!” of “Saladin”, AI player “Tiberias" (blue) won’t research “Paladin”, “Heavy Camel Rider” and “Seige Ram”, and AI player “Tire” (Yellow) won’t research “Galleon” as they will do in previous build of AOE2DE and the original AOE2(The Conquerors).

This abnormity is found in several other compaign scenarios, such as in “Bapheus” scenario, AI player “Candar” (cyan) won’t research “Champion”, even instead of sending “Man-at-Arms” to attack.

I’m sure in previous builds things won’t happen like that.

BY THE WAY: The population limitation of “5.Jihad!” and “6.The Lion and the Demon” of “Saladin” are incorrect. (Not sure if there are more like this.)

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start “5.Jihad!” scenario of “Saladin” with difficulty set to hard.
  2. Just defend, do not attack.
  3. Wait, and wait forever :rofl:

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AI player “Tiberias" (blue) won’t research “Paladin”, “Heavy Camel Rider” and “Seige Ram”.
AI player “Tire” (Yellow) won’t research “Galleon”.

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Hey @iRwinner3835

Thanks for the report! We are now tracking the issue :slight_smile:


I have been experiencing this in campaign scenarios I’ve been playing these last weeks, so the bug is still not resolved as of October 10th. Enemy AI tends not to fully upgrade certain units in Imperial Age (e.g. green is not upgrading Cavaliers to Paladins in the fifth Sforza scenario), or in some cases they do not make certain Imperial Age units when they should be (e.g. purple is not making trebs in the fourth Dracula scenario). This does not seem to be the case, however, when I play random map games against the AI. Very odd.

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Same problem.
All Campaigns AIs won’t research “Long Swordsman”, they send Man-at-Arms to attack even in Imperial Age.

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Anyone here?
Today’s Patch 73855 didn’t fix this bug

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Bayinnaung 1 Red Player won’t research beyon Man-at arms, too.

I would appreciate a response from the devs regarding this issue. As an avid campaign player on AoE II: DE, it’s disappointing that this issue has made the campaigns virtually unplayable these last months.

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Let’s hope next patch would fix this.
Haven’t played AOEDE2 for 4 months… :pensive:

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Maybe it’s by design ? Let’s see the dev answer but it may be just that they limit some tech?

Definitely a bug. Is there anybody who really want to fight against a gang of Imperial Age Man-at-Arms? :joy:

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Possible ! In fact I remember these men at arms +4 in (coop user-made) Genghis KHAN 4 : The Horde Rides West !

I hope this will be taken care of soon. I’ve been half a year without being able to play campaigns :frowning:

Without being able to provide a timeline for a fix I want to confirm that the team is investigating this issue.


Today’s Patch 75350 didn’t fix this bug yet!
I’ve been almost half a year without playing campaigns

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This thread has been viewed more than a thousand times since the first post on September 7th, so this problem must be affecting quite a lot of players.

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Until now, they haven’t fixed this bug yet!

What’s taking them so long?!

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Today’s Patch 77209 didn’t fix this bug yet

Maybe Never?

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Chesqin, can you provide an update on this issue?

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From today’s patch notes: “Meanwhile, other members of our team continue to work on long term updates to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and we’re so excited for what’s left to come! While some of us were preparing for the console release, others started to work on the biggest content update in Age II: DE history. This update will bring the largest number of fixes and changes ever seen in a single update, with a massive number of balance changes, quality of life improvements, and more.”

We’ll see…

Still didn’t seem to fix it.

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