Complaint regarding ELO

I juste played a multiplayer game (with all expansions)
I was ELO 1455 and my opponent above 1600.
I won the game but got no point for the victory.
This is simply unfair and incomprehensible.
I’m very dissatisfied with this counting system. Completely unpredictable.

You are on a old version of the game, heres a guide on how to get the newest version: Upgrading to the latest Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (Windows Store)

This is not exaclety an answer. DE is not available yet anyway.
I don’t see how the version of the game (which is the latest available) should affect the ELO calculation…

It is very relevant, they changed the entire elo system on the latest version, and you are not using it.

I do not want to play on AOE2 DE since it worsen Britons’ situation (yeomen more expensive…)

Oh i see, ur talking about aoe:de 2, this is the age of empires 1 forum that ur posting in, i would suggest asking in the age 2 forum instead.