Constantinople - The end of the ancient world (324-627)

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IMPORTANT for the second scenario if your monks can’t convert the tower!

You can bait them near the tower by using a wounded unit, make sure they follow it until they’re in the range of the tower and they will automatically try to convert it. You can read this in the hints.

Sorry for the inconvenient but I couldn’t convince them to convert the freaking tower in any other way, cowards!


Ehi guys let me know what you think of the campaign, if you would have do something different or if you’re stuck! I’d really appreciate to have feedback for the next one.

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Hey man, im making my way through your campaign (hard) and ill say it is pretty decent and unique so far. Im on the third scenario. I just felt like I would reach out and let you know that after defeating the eastern side I don’t get access to camels or caraphracts as it says i should. I think this is a glitch. Not that that will make a huge difference. Also, is there a way to trigger the left side a little bit quicker? It’s also extremely hard with only 125 pop to manage three sides…but i guess thats the point

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Thank you for having tried the campaign!
I fixed the camel issue for the next patch, it was just an oversight, my bad.
About the cataphract in theory you should be able to train it only from the fortress in the east but for some reason doesn’t work cause in Italian (my language) the fortress has the same name as the Keep (the last tower upgrade) so maybe the game gets confused (sometimes the game switches the two in the trigger)… Maybe you can train the cataphract from keeps even if I never checked lol.
About the pop limit you’re right but with the access to an higher limit you would wreck the Huns too easily, as you can do by hitting imperial age. In my experience they are stoppable until they don’t conquer Gallipoli, at that point even if you hit imp it’s probably too late since you’re completely surrounded and they have all upgrades and siege. But it would be fun to try as a challenge…
Finally about making the west front trigger sooner I had the same issue while playing but it’s also true that the vandals are easier to destroy than Persians so I think you can make it in one shot (no supplies) if you’re fast enough while paying Huns when timer is nearer zero to buy the most time possible. So for now the only way to trigger it quicker is to defeat Persians quicker.
Thanks for letting me know. Hope you enjoy!


I beat it last night. :slight_smile: the huns did completely surround me. But after the initial massive wave, the Huns, fortunately for me, just sat in the middle bass and sort of glitched out. I would get an occasional ram or Treb coming from the bottom, but other than that the army showed no further aggression and just sat stuck in their buildings lol. And you were right about the West front. I just barely beat it in one go and that helped a lot. Onto the next one!

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Hey! Its me again. Just following up with more feedback. Again, I think the campaign is actually very good. I had a lot of fun playing it so far. The AI and “quirks” can be a little wonky/awkward some times, but overall, still very fun.
Mainly wanted to let you know the last map is likely bugged. Firstly, whenever you kill phocus, everyone in the arena dies, including your hero, so you insta lose. Also, i really dont think its at all possible to get your ships through the small strait without getting caught. There is a fire ship at the end that will always catch you, and you cant go the land route because purp will always see you. Also any time the enemies on water are triggered, every enemy in the city just moves into a ball in the center.

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Oh no it never happened to me of losing all my units after killing phocas! How is that possible? That means you couldn’t finish it? It’s really strange, I swear that bug has never happened to me or I wouldn’t have published the campaign since it’s game breaking. I’m trying to think about triggers but I can’t imagine how is that possible…

It’s possible to get in the city without alarm red (it’s not important if purple sees you) and the fact that when alarmed red units get in the centre is on purpose since you need to pass there to go fight phocas anyway. There are a couple ways to get inside Constantinople by land without being seen, you can corrupt the guards in the north gate with the loots you get from Avars, you can also hide in an avar ram near the same gate and wait for them to destroy the red gate for you and then slip in. Or you can jump on the supplies cart when it’s night.
By sea you can actually do it as well, the fire ship blocking the choke point is practically blind during the night (very low Los) and you can just pass near it without being noticed. Even if you get noticed all red ships will attack the initial transport ship but if you managed to find the abandoned Sassanid transport you can bring heraclius and others in there, in that way you will trick red ships to attack an empty transport while your new one will arrive in Constantinople safe.

I know it can be a little stressful, specially if you don’t like to micro, but that’s just the very first part of the scenario. Thank you for your compliments, I hope it was not frustrating, I put a lot of effort to do something creative but at times that could result too messy indeed!

Thanks for your quick response! Yes, the bug is odd. I got into the city through the cart (which actually only travels during the day - not at night like it says haha) i I then met with the monk, returned the relic from the yellow side and then jumped into the arena via a tower (of note, you have to a unit blocking the outside prt of the tower, or the hero will never ungarrison inside the arena). When i killed the main guy, my person instantly exploded haha. Maybe its because i had soldiers in the tower?

The issue i found with going on land is that the group of purple units around the campfire will always see my army traveling through (even at night), and they alarm the entire purple camp, which kills all my units. I can try the water path again, but even if i get past the fire ship, i get spotted by the galleys around the fortified tower and they chase me and kill me.

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Ok now that you tell you entered via tower maybe I could search some issues, probably a trigger that wasn’t disabled or something. You have so many options to fight phocas that probably I didn’t test everything.
I’ll make things a bit easier on water in the next patch cause I can make it the other side without losing ships but that’s cause I have all triggers in mind maybe.
And yeah the cart… I didn’t notice that…

What is worrying me is purple attacking you :thinking: at the start of the scenario they have a fixed amount of units that it’s not enough to defeat you cause they’re scattered around the city. The only thing you must avoid is to go into their camp cause they have towers and kreposts but unless you do that they shouldn’t be a bother… Did the ai gained conscience lol?

Thank you for your feedback! If you want to add something I’d be glad, some other bugs in other scenarios or what you liked more or not… Everything can help me adjust the target!

2nd Scenario is really chaotic after converting the University. Is it possible to complete all side objectives? The rebel peasants just walks around and gets killed by allies and I’m getting punished for that. Also some of the text aren’t translated yet for example in 6th Scenario the purple timer, one of the silver challenge description I don’t remember which scenario and the Lombard lady dialogue in 7th scenario so far I’ve noticed. 6th Scenario Elite Catapult upgrade just turns the ship into Elite Caravel with high amount of damage but with 7+3 range and then there’s the custom campaign save game bug which kind of frustrates me whenever I messed up I have to start all over again. I’m on 7th scenario right now but what an amazing journey. Thanks for making this campaign. Looking forward to your future projects.

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Thanks to you for such kind words and your feedback!

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to find testers before publishing and it’s my first custom campaign but I’m trying to deal with bugs as they come up in comments like yours that help me in catching them.

About the second scenario, allies shouldn’t kill grey since you should be the only one that is neutral to them. Maybe you killed some militias without noticing? It can happen since as you say there’s a lot going on (trying to work on how to be creative and practical at the same time, story of my life lol). Anyway even if you lose that objective you just lose monks and some stats for the legionaries, not a bother at all.
For sure it’s possible to complete all side quests, there are just two: the one about converting grey militias and the second when red attack fravitta and you just need to defend him and then destroy the aqueduct of yellow. Not that important anyway, it just slows yellow military production and red helps you in the final attack.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about that bug when it doesn’t give you the medal when you save and load the game… It’s a game bug Devs should fix sooner or later. In this case it’s bad cause many scenarios are long and not too easy and need retries or more than one session but if you care for cutscenes just I r winner it.

What scenario did you like the most and the least? If you have any advice I’m willing to hear!

This is your first time? Wow you are very talented.

Oh maybe my units accidentally killed them. I only noticed when the Pope gets mad at me lol. Another thing is the aqueduct is already destroyed in my case. I have to revisit the 2nd scenario to check back and retry.

Least like maybe the first, second and the one where i control monk to support two allies but this is only because I prefer getting pre-made walled bases like in 5th, 6th and 7th which i like most.

Yeah such a bummer on the save game issue.

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Hi again! I went back to give your last campaign mission another try and unfortunately it has been broken by a recent patch. As soon as you start the mission, the enemy is instantly alerted and attacks and kills you. Would greatly appreciate you patching this :). Thanks again for the awesome content

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Thank you very much for the info! This campaign is going to be streamed on robbylava channel on YouTube just today so perfect timing!
I don’t really know what could have happened but let’s see!

When is he going to stream it?

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It came out just now!

First two were pretty neat I am currently stuck on the third scenario. (2 empires 3 fronts) I think the overall concept is great - but the inability of the Byzantines to build more fortifications or military buildings (either within Constantinople or in the nearby cities - is an overwhelming disadvantage - at least on hard. Perhaps allow for this once they get to the Castle Age? Also even when I tribute the first 1,000 to the Huns they nevertheless still attack. But nonetheless thanks for doing this campaign on this neglected aspect.

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Thanks to you for playing it!

Believe me, if I allow the player to rebuild it would be way too easy. No way #### could break into Constantinople thanks to the dumb ai of this game lol. Also you could just cheese it by building military stuff next to them and easily destroy their crappy dark age camp in the north since you’re constantly pumped full of resources by allies.

Yes they attack you in small doses even if you pay them to force the next payment (also because otherwise it would be again too easy, you basically won’t have an enemy and just obtain tons of resources which would be enough to tribute them to win the scenario without battling) but if you don’t pay at all in due time they’re gonna attack with way more units.

Are you enjoying the campaign for now? I really like late antiquity and that period is not too covered in this game yet (let’s see now with Romans) and I also like to try some different game mechanics and storytelling.
Let me know if you still have problems or you catch some bug!

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While I am taking a hard pause on #3, I have done #4 and am progressing on #5. Both are really enjoyable and demonstrate your creativity. By the way once the Return to Rome DLC drops will you revise this campaign to include the new DLC’s content?

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