Constantinople - The end of the ancient world (324-627)

Really glad to know you’re liking them! It’s a pity sometimes I just want them to be hard and that may discourage many players ahah.
I was thinking that for a while… I’m not gonna purchase the dlc immediately but if I had to guess what I’d change it would not be a lot. I’d probably make you play as Romans in the first scenario cause Constantine was western emperor and maybe shift licinius to either Romans or byzantines. Other factions like eugenius in scenario 2, western Roman empire etc will switch to Romans.
Not sure about the dromons because I designed the campaign to fit with catapult ships (don’t know if you tried them) so I’ll probably stick with them.
I would let this be a Byzantine campaign since you play with eastern Romans in order to make a campaign for Romans I had in mind for a while.

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I did use the catapult ships in Mare Nostrum. They were really neat.

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In # 3, sometimes the units that are being produced from the northern archer range and the southern stable are automatically sent to a dead space between the building and a wall thus rendering them useless. Would it be possible to locate the buildings such that units don’t get stuck. Thanks

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So are you the user named erkocab on YouTube? That’s just to know so I can reply to you one time only!
I’m gonna fill the space where units get stuck in scenario 3, in the meanwhile I suggest to use the gather point of the buildings or either delete a set of wall to make them walk away.
Thanks for playing! Did you have issues in other scenarios? Were you able to win mare Nostrum?

yep that’s me – sorry for the duplication. That’s a great work around. Yes I was able to win at Mare Nosturm – key to my win was very aggressive game play to take out the Visigoths. So right now I’ve successfully completed ## 1,2, 4, and 5 on hard.

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Glad to know it went well. Scenario 6 is long but should be pretty easy. Let me know if you find bugs or things that feel off!

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Having trouble with Scenario 3 but honestly I’m probably just going to tweak it for my own use by deleting some of the Hunnic and Sassanid starting units…even on standard I’m just not having any luck figuring out how I can possible stop that 40 unit deathball that attacks at 5 minutes or defeat the 48 or so units (between the patrol, fort, and burning town) between me and the fort with the 19 it gives me. Managed the latter once, but I honestly cannot figure out how I did it, because I’ve failed every other try.

Anyway, that’s just me complaining and you’re free to call it a skill issue. I clearly managed the second one once so it’s at least possible, I guess.

There’s an actual bug with the level though, which is that the priest by the hut in the southwest immediately goes north and takes the relic from the witches, then tries to bring it to the green town, which can’t be reached, so it just stands in the northwest staring at the trees and hogging the relic forever.

Also, are the Huns supposed to be killing the saboteur at the northwest bridge? The message makes it sound (to me) like that guy is meant to be an option for destroying the bridge if you’re getting overwhelmed, but is it just supposed to be an option for destroying it before gray ever attacks…?

EDIT: Okay, yeah, I’m just giving up. This level is way too punishing. I’ve spent too many hours on this and I think it’s killed my interest in completing the campaign itself. If any of the subsequent levels are nearly this hard I’d just end up burned out. Between this and Adrianople I have to wonder who these campaigns are intended for, the difficulty is just so high even on standard…maybe I’m just conceited after completing some of the official campaigns on hard and clearing a lot of other content, but I’m starting to doubt my own skills at this point, and it’s rather demoralizing.

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Ok never happened to me but that’s a bug for sure, thank you for advising me.

Oh no come on I can assure you it’s really not that hard, I always beat it on standard and I’m slow as hell in this game lol. I’ll make it easier anyway since you’re not the first complaining and I already tweaked it if you looked at the changes and updates.

This scenario needs strategic thinking and fast execution but I can say that you have no issue regarding resources since allies tribute them to you constantly. Don’t make too many villagers and carts since pop limit is 150 but make some of them and always pay the Huns until you can, this is crucial since you can’t defeat them at the beginning!

Go to castle age asap and for the Sassanids, here’s a small advise: did you take the Gaia monastery? I suggest you to create a pair of monks before attacking the fortress. Also with every supply cart you sent you get 8 more units in case you can’t win with the starting army (but I wouldn’t wait for that since you would waste time imho).

For the first hunnic attack, I suggest to blow the bridge for cyan immediately (yes if Huns get too close the petard self destruct so you must do that a little in advance). And start amassing an army as you hit castle and get all techs, you have the resources to do that. Also send your initial troops plus new ones to purple asap. If purple is getting wrecked no problem, just blow the dock before they resign so Attila can’t take it.

I really don’t think Huns can win until you pay them, that’s the trick. Yeah they send some units once in a while from their crappy dark age camp but you and your allies can deal with it. The important is to pay them until you have defeated both Sassanids and vandals, then you get to imp and I assure you they can’t compete with you at that point.

Just be sure to not let them take all the three cities before that because from Gallipoli they can make siege weapons and you won’t like that. But if they take purple and cyan is fine, most of the games I play they do and I can smash them before they go to yellow.

Anyway you made me curious, I’m gonna try it and see if recent patches made Huns ai somehow smarter or stronger. Are you disliking the campaign so far like with Adrianople? :pleading_face: You can jump the scenario if you want, not all the others are that hard!

Ps: there’s a channel on YouTube called Robbylava where this campaign is being played through… It’s going on a little slow but hopefully you can find it useful!

No man please don’t say that! This is the harder scenario of the campaign (maybe only the last can compete because there are Avars and 5th may be a challenge with those vandals lol) probably but I wanted to make it very scary because Huns really were! But I’m gonna toned it down probably because you’re not the only one saying it’s too much.
I think the fact you have problems with my scenarios (like many people are) is due to the fact they play in a different way than most aoe2 boom and destroy. So it’s just because you need to have a different mindset and approach probably but that’s not to everyone taste! Think of ornlu goofing around in philtydelphia scenarios. He’s not a bad player, he’s just more of a build and destroy kind of guy. Me I’m the opposite, I’m very bad at this game in random maps cause I’m slow but I like strategy and doing a lot with very little so it’s just a different mentality ykwim?
I hope that you still like the concept behind my scenarios and thank you for playing and helping me improving them! Don’t give up against that lousy Attila ahah!

For the first hunnic attack, I suggest to blow the bridge for cyan immediately (yes if Huns get too close the petard self destruct so you must do that a little in advance). And start amassing an army as you hit castle and get all techs, you have the resources to do that. Also send your initial troops plus new ones to purple asap. If purple is getting wrecked no problem, just blow the dock before they resign so Attila can’t take it.
I really don’t think Huns can win until you pay them, that’s the trick. Yeah they send some units once in a while from their crappy dark age camp but you and your allies can deal with it.

I mean. You say “some units”, but their initial attack is a massive wave of over 40 Castle Age units, that you only have 5 minutes to prepare for, starting from Feudal Age, and their subsequent waves are still pretty hefty. I don’t think it makes much of a difference if their base is a “crappy Dark Age camp” if the units they get are exclusively from Castle Age and largely made up of powerful unique units. The konniks are especially nasty because they blunt the effect of your pikemen, which are the only units you can really mass in time for the first attack while also paying their tribute. Why do they even have mangudai and konniks, but no light cavalry?

I halved the size of the starting attack and was able to hold on for a while, building up a block of 60 longbows backed by monks and screened by pikes that shredded the raids, but when Attilla took over, I lost my entire army to his first attack. It took me so many waves to build up that army, and losing the whole thing along with purple’s base was just too crushing of a loss given how long it took to build up those units in the first place.

Without reducing the size of the first attack I don’t even see how it’s possible to defeat it. The AI armies are entirely useless here, to the point where if I don’t destroy the bridge, the dozen or so units that hit Cyan destroy over half of Cyan’s base. Purple’s unfortified base may as well be unmanned despite what the hints and scouts say about their army- their troops are effectively a speed bump and Huns roll over them in seconds.

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Ok I tried it last night and it was hard but I could beat it without making Huns take Gallipoli (which is the silver achievement!). I must advise you that I play using lots of pause f3 because again I’m slow lol.

I’m really sorry for what you say. Maybe I could rec a video like a tutorial of me beating it so to give you an idea? Don’t know if it’s possible to post videos here… But if I have to go that way for a scenario it means I did something wrong. I plan on making it easier by maybe giving allies better upgrades? I can assure you it’s entirely possible to deal with both the initial attack and Attila later (60 longbows are more that I ever needed so idk how to advise you tbh I usually make 30 knights, 30 skirmishers, 30 pikemen and 30 legionaries as soon as I hit castle and have enough resources, then I add camels and longbows later and then train non stop all over again this formation).

I still want the player to feel like Huns are literally flooding him and a sense of threat and precarious situation because of having to deal with many fronts at the same time. But if you wanna look at the positive side is that winning such an hard scenario is more rewarding… Nowadays we’re very used to always win after a few tries (myself included, I hate losing and I’m sure I’m no better than you in random maps) but it’s not a shame to get stuck on a level like on good old arcade days right? Idk maybe it’s me lol

Ps: no light cavalry because I thought they don’t feel very hunnish but it’s debatable. While magundai and kipchaks feel more like them to me.

I mean, that’s a total of 120 units, so fair enough, you had an army nearly twice the size of mine. I’m going to try again later with the understanding the purple and probably cyan are not meant to be saved.

I guess I see what you mean in regards to the mangudai and kipchaks, but isn’t that why they have cavalry archers? Mangudai are a Mongol military class and the Kipchaks were an ethnic group that didn’t exist for another 400 years. The Huns didn’t even use heavy cavalry, so if anything, the Konniks in particular feel rather out of place…

Oh, and I’ve noticed the cyan and yellow try to reinforce purple, but it happens super late- in the unmodified version where the Hun attack is like 40+ units, purple is likely to be dead before those force ever arrive.

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Yeah but just giving them tarkans, steppe lancers and cav archers felt not very varied. Konniks are a bit of a stretch indeed but the look is fine, you can consider them German mercenaries if you prefer. I did the same with Avars in the last two scenarios btw. I know it’s a pretty insane army composition but you gotta make up with that and numbers for how dumb ai is in this game…

120 units to be trained but I actually fight with 40, 50 or if I can 60/70 because pop limit is 150 and I need to make a small army for Sassanids and vandals as well. I usually make 4 carts to trade with every ally plus 4 trade cogs for purple until it lasts. Then 24 on food, 16 on wood, 4 on stone (why do I even bother collecting stone? Lol) and 8 in gold. But your allies should make you never run out of resources tbh, that’s the only thing they can do ahah. I make monks as well and few fire ships if Huns manage to get purple dock.

I also suggest you to collect all relics in all 3 areas of the map (except the one in Huns camp which I never take) and mostly find the 3 treasures! They’re worthy of 1000 gold each and if you collect them all, relics will grant you double gold! Another way to get more gold is once you defeat vandals to do the side quest of building a lighthouse (fortified tower) in the small island in front of Constantinople and green will send you periodically ships with 500 gold each.

Spoiler: there’s a way to beat the scenario without actually defeating Attila. You just need to pay for all their requests expect the one when bleda asks you 5000 gold in 20 minutes. When the timer is to 5 minutes left maybe you noticed that Attila sends a message in which he says he just killed his brother and he’s going to the take the gold with brute force (that’s when the giant army appear). If you notice you can still pay Attila if you didn’t pay bleda before and after giving him 5000 gold he will say that he wants other 5000 gold because that was for his brother (that ######## but with no time limit expect the time he needs to destroy you of course…
If you manage to satisfy him again he’ll make one final request: 10000 gold and he will go away! If you can pay even this before being wrecked you win the scenario (if you already defeated vandals and Sassanids but at this point you’ll surely have)! I remember winning like this one time when Huns were inside Constantinople and I was about to lose but I paid them one last time and they were gone lol.
The gold achievement indeed you can get by paying all tributes which amount to 25000 gold for Huns in total plus the 1000 gold tribute Persians ask you if you prolong the war with them for too long.

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like you I had a lot of difficulty with this scenario. I finally finished it on hard by paying gold. I settled on this strategy immediately, so I sent out vils to gather gold from the mines south of cyan, and west of Constantinople, as well as the other mines east of the other town center. Also made lots of trade ships (not carts). To defend I build walls of houses near the north entrance of Constantinople and around the castle and used elite skirmishers to defend.(they cost no gold and have a bonus attack against the mounted archers), Also, I immediately went after the witches that defend a gold pile in the west north of the hut and gold mines. I blew up cyan’s bridge almost immediately, and at the first sign of attack on purple I blew up the docks. As to yellow I blew up the bridge after cyan was destroyed (but sent some vils to chop wood). Whilst holding on in Constantinople, you can defeat the Sassanians by luring their initial attack force and fighting under your towers, then going on and getting the rest of them to capture the fortress. Make sure you keep the monastery intact since the monks will be useful in converting the elephants and for collecting the relic. Also don’t forget the gold pile to the south of your trade center The Vandals also can fall after you get two or three rams - the only challenge here is to protect the town center. In retrospect, the game played out, at least in part, similar to the AOE 1 scenario called I think “The coming of the Huns.” Good luck on this – and by the way like the author I too am very slow and pause a lot. By pausing you can get a lot done at the same time!

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Did you manage to finish the whole campaign? How it was?

Unfortunately no – although I did finish number 6 last night. I think most will like, as I did, this one since it is more ore less a straight up boom and fight . I tried replaying #3 the other day and I must say what happens after you have paid the first $10,000 installment to the Huns varies very differently. When I beat it the first time, although I was under a constant attack, it was manageable. This time around under similar conditions, it seemed the entire horde descended on me. Well I will be playing #7 very soon hopefully to finish in the next couple of days. Thanks again for investing your time into this project!

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What makes a difference is when you get 20 minutes to pay. If you pay the 5000 before 15 minutes or after it gives slightly different results… Or maybe it’s the AI getting more or less lucky against you lol.

Glad you liked scenario 6, it’s one of the less trigger heavy but also quite long! Did you find bugs there?

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No obvious bugs that I could see. Yet I was a bit unsure what actually triggers the surrender of the first city. Regardless after a few tries I got it to surrender by sending in the hero unit ASAP to deter the enemy and when it did turn I started to bombard the castle with the caravels. Also did you mean for the caravels to sink in the Tyrheanean (sp?) Sea? I didn’t think this was necessarily a bug but you might have mentioned this in the scouting notes.

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The first city surrender when there are no troops left to defend it. If this happens you need to siege and take it back from the goths. Not much of a deal anyway.
To reach orange before he resigns you just need to leave behind for a moment siege weapons that would slow down you army in Ravenna and that way you should be able to reach it in time (and get an achievement).

What do you mean caravels sink? You mean they get destroyed without a reason? That could be a bug.

Yes. Upon sailing into the sea or along the coast my elite caravels’ hit point quickly went down to zero and then sink. This resembles the play in the AOE2 Historical Battle-Vindlandsage where if you sail directly across the Atlantic your ships are sunk. Other campaigns use a similar devovr. If you didn’t mean to restrict the use of caravels to attack the Ostrogoths – especially their castle and docks - then it is a glitch.

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sorry to bother yet again. I’m struggling with # 6. The point system to raise civic morale seems a bit lite. Even under “low taxation” I’m still getting down very quickly.

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