Contacting Ballista_Turtle/JiangjunIzzy, Cian McGuire, Stan Conquistador, Tsunami Studios for "Heroes of the Three Kingdoms" Mod

In 2001, Stan “The Conquistador,” JiangjunIzzy/“Cherub Izzy”/“Ballista_Turtle,” “Cian McGuire,” and Tsunami Studios made a Campaign called “Heroes of the Three Kingdoms - Episode I v 1.02” with a Mod called “Heroes of the Three Kingdoms.” (
The Description says that the Mod “changes the portraits of heroes and the initial viewing screen”, and was extracted from the “Fate of the Dragon”, which I take refers to the 2001 game by that name. ( Ballista_Turtle wrote: that the Mod “really enriches the game.”

The Campaign’s Instructions for the Mod say:

Please download it from the link below and extract all files to your AOE2 directory.

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms modpack

The above link does not work anymore. If you have the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Mod Pack please contact the Blacksmith Administrator.

The Domain “” that hosted Tsunami Studios’ webpage is closed.

I emailed JiangjunIzzy/Ballista_Turtle at Hotmail, stan_the_conquistador at Hotmail, and Tsunami Studios (, but Izzy didn’t reply from that address, Stan’s email “Failed,” and Tsunami Studios’ email “bounced”/“Connection timed out.” I also found a “hoodncloak” email for Tsunami Studios, but did not get a reply from that email either.

I don’t know if Tsunami Studios or the people who ran it are still around any more. It was cofounded by David “Inquizative” Bayne, but I can’t find contact information for him.

these men are probably in their 50’s now

Mods and campaigns from the early life of the game are just not as good as compared to later creations.
Check out the mod page
WE have multiple AWARD WINNING authors making campaigns :slight_smile:

Look how apt this new campaign is to your desires

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