Controlling of Units

In this Discussion I would like to address the issues with controlling units. Many times while playing the game I’ve experienced workers joining the ranks with the soldiers because they are either working to close to were they are located causing the economy to be disrupted during an attack wave. In AOE3 there was a feature where the workers would not be selected if army was being highlighted will this feature be place in AOE IV? Also I have only played the campaign so far so not sure if this is an issue online but while setting up a defensive perimeter to attack enemy I will find the if the enemy attacks while attacking them they mysteriously wipe out a large number of troops even when the troops are set to stand ground. Will there be a feature that will allow for troops to stand ground in a aggressive stance so they can attack on site in not just get wiped out?

Hi @IMmortalHit, Smart select not working properly is a known issue. Here is the latest from the team.

The stand ground issue you’re talking about sounds like a bug. Units should defend themselves even in stand ground stance.