Convert CIV unit model to AOE2

I was converting CIV3 unit to AOE2 and I thought why not trying with other CIV game. The CIV comunity has so many mod for their game, with a varity skin for many unit.

I tried with CIV5, by their modding comunity’s great tools, I was able to unpack and import the unit model and animation to blender. I also upscale the texture and they look great in blender.

The crazy thing is you can use other animation for any unit.

Here’s the result of a samurai unit with mining animation

Next is learning how to render them into the game.


it would be great if you could share the steps on how to port into blender. Or better yet, share the blender files converted from other civ games.

You think the reverse process would be possible?

IE porting AoE2 models to civ V?

it’s pretty easy though. If you have CIV5, you can unpack .fpk file which contained .gr2 file (model file open with granny editor) and texture file. Aoe3 use gr2 model too, but I can’t find a way to unpack the bones and animation, I have to rig and animate them myself if I want to use Aoe3 model, that’s a lot of work, so I switched to CIV game.

You can use CIV4 model, wich is pretty easy to import since they’re .nif and .kf file, you can find script to import those to blender pretty easy.

For CIV5 model, it’s more trickier, but thank to this gentlemen “Deliverator”, he created a great tool to export .gr2 file to 3d file and animation file, you can search for: “nexus buddy 2 CIV5” to read more.

If you don’t own CIV5, you can use CivNexus6 tool also created by Deliverator. Go to civfanatics download section and download the “CIV5 unit converted to CIV6” pack, the pack has all the CIV5 unit but in .fgx format, which can be opened and export just like .gr2.

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Aoe2 uses 2d sprites—you’d need to render the 3d models to 2d images in order to use them. There’s a program called SLX Studio for working with some of Aoe2 DE’s graphics formats: SLX Studio - A new SLP and DRS mod tool. - Age of Kings Heaven Forums

well, NO.

We’re easily fooled by how detail Aoe2DE unit look and thought they’re 3D unit, but no, they are 2D frame, which is render by a 3D program. From a 3D game into 2D is easy, but the reverse process is likely imposible, you have to create a new model, animate them to look like AOE2 unit.
But it’s still doable, by edit the CIV5 model to look like AOE2, it would be required more work than just converting tho.

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I wonder how one would go about adding the models and animations from Phantasy Star Online into the game…

Oh thank, I have worked with SLX studio before to convert CIV3 unit so I’m kinda familar with the program, a great tool, kudos to the creator.
I also found good guide about setting up camera to create isometric frame for 2D game. The CIV3 unit only has 8 angle, and their quality’re unable to match the UHD version. Having my own model and resource to work with, creating unit able to match UHD graphic and full 16 angle feel very good. It’s gonna take a while but I wish to make a mod to replace all unit skin in the game to match every civ’s culture.

The civi3 forum might have blender settings that would fit aoe view.I remember modders for the original cd version using a blender set up from civi3 units for camera and lights.

thanks i will check into it

Screenshot 2023-07-11 173908
An unit I try to create by mix stuff up and original unit for comparation.
Set up camera and try to match the model with the base game is such pain in the ass.


Did you complete that spearman of yours? Would love to try it. The shaft needs to be a bit thicker as you can see with the sunda warrior.


Hey! I switched to another project though, My reskin project - #23 by TheConqueror753 which I manage to freely create better graphic seperated model, armor/clothes and animation.

unfortunately, I have to put that project on hold recently … kinda busy with other stuff.

The spearman above is on my list of how I image a spearman skin would look in SA culture. I will re-create a similar look of him with better graphic when I have time.

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