Corpse Decay Time - Triggers

Hi there, I’m having some issues with delaying the decay time of corpses in the modify resource effect. It doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried triggering it before and after the units death, during the units death, the unit ID is correct, I’ve tried all the operations (add, subtract, multiply, etc.) and tried values from 1-1000’s. I’ve also used the dead units ID but the corpse(s) still decay at the same pace.

What am I doing wrong and has anyone managed to get it to work? If so, how did you do it?

Appreciate any feedback, thank you for reading.

That is a remnant resource. It is not used to control the corpse decay time.

Thanks. Any suggestions on how I could achieve this? Have dead bodies stick around for a longer period of time?

i believe work rate is what you want to change.

Thanks for the tip. I tried both the Dead Unit ID and the Unit ID, as well as the set, add and multiply operations for Work Rate but it still doesn’t seem to work. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

try modify resource - corpse decay time