Could there be Age of Mythology 2 after AoE4? Microsoft is apparently planning to take care of their Age of Mythology games series

Could there be Age of Mythology 2 after AoE4? Microsoft is apparently planning to take care of their Age of Mythology games series.

I found an interesting article.

Microsoft is apparently planning to take care of their Age of Mythology games series in the future. If anything, Adam Isgreen being Creative Director for Age of Empires at Microsoft saying so must surely mean it. However, this will only be done post current plans for the Age of Empires franchise, as Adam Isgreen said that they’ll devote time to Age of Mythology “after we get through the Definitive Editions for the three here, and [Age of Empires] 4 is kind of rolling”.

Age of Mythology takes a pretty creative look at mythology (which could be seen as a creative source material in and of itself), but that’s part of what makes the game fun. It has already been treated to an Age of Mythology: Extended Edition back in 2014, so we’ll have to wait on whether Microsoft is planning of releasing a Definitive Edition of the game, or a full-blown sequel altogether.

I do find it quite interesting. Age of Mythology remastered kind of makes not lot sense between AoE3 and AoE4, even less after AOE4.

So the only logical step, would be actually to make a sequel to Age of Mythology. Just think of all the possibilities, of a game developed on full functional engine, big budget and experienced team.

While AoE4 task is quite hard, Age of Mythology 2 would have there great advantages, as it could toy around with a lot mechanics, that makes for a historical not so much sense. Just think of the unit variety with all the monsters and magic. What do you think?


I love this idea. AoM is my favourite game

Yes, there could be.

I think so too. I never played AoM but I definitely would start. The concept sounds refreshing

I definitely hope that there will be a AoM2 that takes the original civs from the first game while also adding new civs to fresh things up. Of course reworking the old civs to make them on the same level as the new civs is also welcome.

AoM is a franchise that has great potential, and as much as I love AoM it hasn’t aged well in my opinion and if they decide to make a DE edition only well I’d be disappointed because I want new ideas to make a squeal even better than the first one.

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After AoE4,there is AoM or RoN.
I think AoM is best option.RoN is good but it doesn’t work well as a modern game.
Another game using “from stone age to modern ages”:Sid Meiers Civilizations
But in a civ game,a match taking 20 hours
In modern rts games a match taking 20 minutes
Old School rts games taking 1 hours.

civ could fit this concept in 20 hours
but making this concept in a 30 min less game?

And AoM’s theme is more attractive imo

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AoM was a product of its time, many ideas there are extremely outdated.
I think it would be really better to skip DE for it and go ahead to 2.

As for factions:
Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, Atlanteans and Chinese were in original.

I kind of wonder what could there be too?
I mean there are quite many.

Mythologies by region


Further information: Traditional African religions

Central Africa

East Africa

North Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa

Further information: West African mythology

African Diasporic

Further information: Afro-American religion


Central Asia

Northeast Asia

South Asia

Southeast Asia

West Asia / Middle East

Further information: Religions of the ancient Near East




Further information: European folklore

Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

Further information: Scandinavian folklore

Southern Europe

Western Europe


Main article: Mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas

Further information: American Folklore

North America

Central America

South America

Mythologies by religion

Further information: Religion and mythology

Mythologies by time period

Ancient mythologies by period of first attestation.

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Late Antiquity

Fictional mythologies

Further information: Mythopoeia

Rise of Nations 2 could be next game after Age of Mythology 2.


I actually wonder if that could be full scale good mechanics game, with no series restrictions.

It would be great if they could combine Battle for Middle Earth Units, with AoE base build and resource gathering, CoH cover system and doctrines.

Battle for Middle Earth did one good thing for faction design, if faction did lack cavalry or artillery, they did replace it with monsters, units were quite handy as small units were put in large squads of 10 till 20 soldiers. And you could purchase for each squad several upgrades. CoH doctrines sound to me a better system than AoE3 cards.

As for faction design, maybe they could add more mythic to some, while other would have more tech, like Aztec could have more fictional monsters vs Spain that has more gunpowder units, even fictional tank form Leonardo da Vinci^^

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Middle-Eastern Ancient mythology is full of amazing creatures and gods. The Enuma Elish and the Epic of Gilgamesh mention amazing creatures and features that would be amazing to see in a game.

Also, pre-columbian american mythologies would be freaking awesome to have. I mean, in an already fantastic context, who cares about historical unaccuracy of aztecs or mayans clashing with the rest of cultures?

The problem is, is it by each enough source material to have a full faction rooster?
They could be either ally side factions or combine several into 1.

Like Oceania

Australian Aboriginal , Melanesian, Fijian , Papuan, Micronesian , Polynesian, Hawaiian, Mangarevan, Māori, Rapa Nui, Samoan, Tahitian, Tongan, Tuvaluan

should they be combined into Oceania faction? where they share mythological creatures and each nation gives own bonuses, or should they be independed and be able to be set your ally?

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I don’t know about a possible Oceania faction because in ancient times it wasn’t a developed, cohesive culture, I think.

But Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican mythologies have enough material for a pair of factions for sure, for example. And the most obvious example of all: mythologies from India. Just look at how incredibly rich in content are indian mythologies, my godness… then here you have three valid examples for starters.

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■■■■ dude, such a nice list of mythologies. Thanks for sharing and putting work!

Oh boy…doctrine remind of CoH 2 ingame store where you can buy commanders with real money or through grind. Not good, I know AgeIV supposed to have a new game business model (forgot where I found that, but Adam Isgreen said that), but i hope they don’t put anything like that ■■■■ poor cash grab Sega had put in.

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I also would like to see something like C&C equivalent of Super Weapons. Why can’t we have Age of Mythology Equivalent to Temple of Nod with Nuclear Missile, Particle Cannon, Weather Control Device? Like build your gods main Temple and get after 5 min your nuke.

Like Build main temple for Zeus and get access to a lot of lighting strikes.
People should get the feeling like they play something where they are a powerful God.

The issue I see all those “doctrines/city cards/Ring Powers/Star General” systems are not done consequently enough.

I mean compare them over the years, you merely unlock one thing by one and after try out the tech tree just stay by 1 same unlock route. Why this limit?
Why not 3 things at time, in 3 different categories like
unit, support power, resource

Well you are right, it would be difficult by some cultures to make one faction.
AoM had also one “fictional” faction the Atlantis, maybe we could have something like Lemuria.
Anyway its a setting, where you could do quite a lot.


Good point. Definitely agree with you, it would be a welcome move if they build something sensible and effective

i suppose aoe4 will release in 2022
if they won’t slop they will support game until 2024,new expansions,balance etc.

then relic will leave project.because it is a SEGA studio.after aoe4 SEGA will say “ok,make dow remake or coh3 now”.as long as ms is not buy relic

MS have three way to gain money.
1-MS will milking aoe4.just expansions,expansions more expansions.prob expansions will make by Forgotten Empires.Prob we won’t see another RTS by MS until 2035

2-Find another RTS developer to make AoM2 or a new RTS IP,and it is hardest thing in the world.

3-Buy Relic from SEGA.

anyways,i think aom2 is a good selection after aoe4 but maybe a new ip?
well,a lot of people want a 1800-1950 RTS
but this era doesn’t fit AoE gameplay.
maybe it should be a spin-off game like to AoM.Maybe Age of Liberation-Age of Imperialism etc.

Well I do have an idea for another good RTS, I actually wonder if Microsoft could team up with Electronic Arts for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds remastered/remake. I mean they both did great job in remaster AoE/C&C and imagine combine Petroglyph with Forgotten Empires for a remake.

I think it would be better for MS to keep Relic for Age of Mythology 2.
Napoleon and WW1 timeline don’t really fit Relic. So what could they do after Age of Mythology 2?

As for 1800-1950 RTS idea, there have been very big differences in weapon and strategy development to make there one consistent game. Empire Earth and Rise of Nations did try it, but people more preferred there the middle age time line. From Napoleon shooting lines you go to WW1 trenches and than to quite fast WW2 vehicles, it is better executed in 3 separate games.

Yes,it is a big problem

I dont know.Petroglyph’s last two game,Conan Unconquered and Forged Battalion was bad,very bad.

MS Needs to buy Relic from SEGA. Relic was literally a relic when it was under THQ & Sierra Online. SEGA made them like Maxis (when EA let Will Wright go). But i don’t know if a PC centric would satisfy MS… just ■■■■ it. Go independent Relic.

Their last few games were underwhelming, i agree with you buddy. But have you played Grey Goo? That was the most recent (new) good RTS game I have played. I think given time and enough resources they can pull a really nice RTS game (Grey Goo was like some AAA Ensemble or Activision-Blizzard type of game). Grey Goo didn’t sell well (RTS genre is to blame). They were so desperate selling that game and more people playing that game, they were literally giving it away for $4.

Pretty sure they took financial toll on making Grey goo. Anyways, I think after Relic they’re a good choice too.

Forgotten Empires IS THE brilliant choice. Don’t forget World’s Edge. Da-faq, wasn’t that the official Age of Empires specific studio?? So why are we discussing this?

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