Coustillier "rework"

hello, i would like to suggest a “rework” for the coustilier unique unit that seems a bit broken. i think they would be more balanced with their charge if its only a one time use “charge”. so when they use their charge, their spears break(wich it could be an indicator that they use it to the opponant) and then, they use their sword like a regular knight. think of a sort of konnik but instead of having 2 live, they have 2 weapons, but one of them can only be used once.

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It’s on purpose that they are OP now, to promote the new civs. But I would hate a “single-use” gimmick even more, all 4 new UTs are already like that, no more pls 11


i dont think they sould be able to “one shot” an frankish paladin army and also be able to recharge their charge

Currently their charge multiply their attack by 5. You can imagine there is some room for number tweaking.


sure, as long that the unit is balanced.


How often have you play with this unit? Let the people play and then to decide if this is OP or not!
My first impression is:
They are nice nothing too crazy. The recharge is quite slow, so after your first hit you need to destroy your enemy otherwise you need to run away because they are way weaker then knights.
I have the feeling they will be unused because you have Cavalier in castle age and cheap Paladin in Imp. That is really amazing though they don’t have bloodlines.


With some tweaking, I could see them becoming more of a support UU that works to snipe low HP units, i.e. Monks, siege, archers, spearmen. I think the UU concept by itself isn’t automatically OP. But it’s still a strong concept that’s definitely attached to an OP civ.

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Doesn’t seem like good idea to have them 1 shot Vils.


I think Aoe2 “owned us” a heavy cavalry charge mechanic… It is such an iconic and epic medieval thing.
I really hope this mechanic will applied to all Elite heavy chavalry units in game like a generic stat. Of course, balancing it and keeping the Coustillier as the king of cavalry charge.
A soon change I would do it is to only “reload” the charge when the unit is in movement. If you attack in the progress, then you lost the “momentum”.

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Wait and see, first impresion is op, especially against low hp units, maybe give them a cap to the charge, like 70% health.

But it is a castle unit, I don’t know how usefull it would be

Also the half priced paladin update is very good, but just for a while.

i just hope devs won’t overnerf the civ like the SL and make them useless, but they need some tunning

I disagree.

A much more reasonable nerf would be just by raising the cost of the Coustillier when trained from the Castle. Or by lowering their Atk stat or their bonus Atk stat.

AoE2 owed us to stay AoE2 and not some game with tons of gimmicky mechanics. It failed to do so.

Proposal: Byzantines lose free town watch, rather, the entire map is always revealed.

And before you say “omg no, thats OP!”, reread your own post. We cant 100% tell Coustilliers will be OP, we can NEVER tell for sure anything will be OP. But why release a unit that pretty much has no counter and risk breaking the game?


You really do understand it.
I wanted new civs, but not like this.

I kind of like to think about AoE2 as a “big brain” game. Like, I always joke with my friends about this game being etremely mind intensive, and strategy in its finest form, even though mechanics and AMP are extremely important. A mix between a game and a representation of history, so it’s not like you are a child playing child games. You are playing Age of Empires. It means for us a renowned game like chess.

But these gimmicky mechanics like charge attack makes it feel to me more like a “child game”.


Maybe its too soon to comment, but in my opinion one of the things they could try is to disable the recharge while moving. Charging it while attacking is OK, removing that as well would be a bad idea because it would affect too much on their DPs against high health units. Also, not gonna lie, the charge attack avoiding melee armor and doing double the bonus against archers is kinda busted if you ask me. What is the unit now, a mix of Leitis with Huskarl? Very weird, but maybe thats only me.

I saw a good amount of people saying to just make them move slower when the charge meter is not full, but i think this is a very bad idea because this would make all coustelliers in a group move slower as well due to how the game works.

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Just reduce their charge bonus and the recharge time

something like +20/+25 every 20 seconds from today +35/+40 every 40 seconds

you may think is more damage over time, but 2 charges means 2 reduction by armor so its basically the same and you wouldn’t one shoot low health units anymore, but they will continue making a lot of dmg and maybe be more active with the lower cooldown

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Remove Husbandry, and Coustillier will be fixed.
Just make sure EVERY charge is final, and there is no easy going back for the Bungundians player.

For me, it’s two fixes that don’t change their identity and still keeps them viable:

  • Increase animation duration so in a melee fight they don’t get the first hit
  • Unique armour class that makes them extra vulnerable to the spearman line, kamayuks and eagle warriors (and possibly other units too? from a game point of view it would be interesting if it made them weaker to janissaries and hand cannons, but I can’t make as good of a case for that. It would give turks a counter that they otherwise don’t have vs Burgundians in the late game.)

This keeps most of their strengths intact, but it makes the ridiculous micro harder and it makes them actually weak to their supposed main counter.

Is Coustillier’s double charge damage bonus against archers intentional? I assume it is since it hasn’t been adressed in recent hotfix but i’m not sure about Coustillier need this much damage against archers.

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they deal 80 dmg to archers what r u talking about ? come to sense !!! this unit can only be JOKE !!!
this unit has wrecked the game ! + they can train pretty much elite Jannissaries from archery range too xD

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