Cow surround town center?

its reported and on the list already, but idk how much time will take to be fixed by devs

This is happening with all herdables. When you try to collect from them they run to the nearest town center. Right now you can work around it by deleting the livestock are re-clicking on it but this is a fairly common way of getting resources and the fact that this wasn’t noticed by the devs in beta and fixed is a unfortunate oversight.

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Does anyone else have the “problem” that the herdables run to the tc when villagers are tasked to kill it (i think it only happens if they are at max food)? Is this a bug or intended?

in beta there was not that problem, it was working good with cows or sheeps :cow2: , when the AGE 3 DE was released start this problem. They need to fix it cause it damage the economy on some civs :disappointed_relieved:

It’s not impossible, I play as Brits on treaty, just build the pens near TC, easy.

Bug does need to be fixed though, I noticed it the first day it was released. Plenty of other bugs too like not being able to build docks on large waters maps on treaty, I played a game last night, enemy managed to build docks as we was close to shore, I wasn’t that far from the shore yet I couldn’t build as it was too far away from TC. This was never an issues in the OG game, this guy is game breaking for treaty water maps.

minhas vacas estão indo para o centro urbano como consertar isso

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Well it kills my cow build so I’d say it makes Brit impossible to play (competitively).

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to post about this issue with as much detail as possible. I can confirm that the team is tracking this issue and have added it to the Known Issues post as we work towards a fix.

Thanks again! :+1:


I was playing Britain and I got cows as I usually do in treaty games. When i try to harvest one, all of the cows that are on the livestock pens are moving towards my town center, whether or not they are fattened or not. I found a workaround to delete the cow and then harvest it, but this seems awfully tedious and unnecessary, the bug should just be fixed.

já é a terceira atualização do jogo e o erro dos bois persiste não estou conseguindo jogar tratado por que os bois não param de tentar entrar no centro urbano estou ficando sem recurso muito rápido e os bois e as ovelhas que faz com que os britânicos cresçam na economia se não tem como arrumar esse bug laça ao menos um mod que faça com que os bois não tentem entra no centro urbano isso tá estragando o jogo da maioria que já acompanha o jogo a muito tempo da época do age of empires 3 dynasties.

This issues still hasn’t been resolved.

Cows, sheep, once you try to collect food from them, all of them run to the TC, simply try to escape.

They behave like settlers who are attacked by enemy units, who run to the TC as soon as it happens.

Must be AI issue where the settler code behavior was copied to cows, sheep and other animals.

Please fix ASAP.

This is very annoying problem.

Yesterday, January 19, a new patch was released.

Yet, this bug still hasn’t been resolved .

Developers, this bug is very annoying, and it should be easy to fix.

Please fix it in your next patch.

It was actually ment as a AOE2 feature, where settler are close to the TC to get in and out incase of attacks. Sadlky it doesnt work out like in aoe2.

The thing is that cows and sheep are running away from villagers and villagers are unable to kill them in order to collect food.

This part of the economy is broken, and fixing it should have high priority.

This problem was reported during Beta testing.

Hey there! It appears that this issue should have been fixed back in November of last year:

If you are still seeing this issue, can you please provide the following:

  • A save game from the current build where you encounter this issue.
  • A video of the issue (if possible)

That will help us re-escalate the issue for investigation by the team!

Thank you!


So I tested the game yesterday without my MOD and it worked fine.

My mod was using the protoy.xml file from October and for that reason I kept having the issue.

You can go ahead and close this thread.

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