Crash 100% of time when starting either game or a match ingame after new update

Hi Guys,

Im sure im not the only one having issues after the most recent update a few days ago. Prior to that everything was working fine. Now i cannot play anymore at all:

First thing: If i “normally” start the game it crashes in the starting animation (freeze plus the usual report that aoe2 de doesnt respond anymore, if i click on waiting for response it immediately crashes then). So this way I dont even make it to the main menu.

I can start the program as admin though. With that i at least make it to the main menu where everything seems to be working fine; up until I am starting a match (regardless of multiplayer or single player). Then the same crash appears.

I know its described very general but this is all I can observe. 3 days ago there where no issues at all.
Any Ideas what I can do? The Game is from microsoft store by the way. Or do I have to wait until there is some general fix for all the bs happening after the update?
I dont get why with each update the game has to get worse and worse -.-

** And yes, I have reinstalled the game multiple times with no effect

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We’re investigating an issue that causes low performance right now.

Similar issue, the splash screens launch, then a black screen and occasionally the animation loads. IF the animation loads, it either freezes to a black screen rapidly, or the animation plays out and freezes to a black screen. Clicking on the mouse will not interrupt the animation.
The only way I can actually play the game is to uninstall and reinstall
The game loads and plays fine, but it will not load a second time
Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700T CPU @ 2.00GHz 1.99 GHz
16.0 GB RAM (15.8 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Windows 11 Pro 23H2 OS Build 22631.2271

If you have similar problems I just would like to know wether you have made any progress yet in finding a solution :slight_smile:

Is there anything new from the developers side?
thx for any support :slight_smile:

Hi! Performance issues should be fixed after the latest update 93870.

This is not a performance issue, this a game breaking issue with the game not being playable. This is still happening to me even after the Hotfix. I can “Run as admin” which will get me past the initial animation video, but even then lobbies take too long to load and you get kicked while your game is sat none responsive.

I am having this issue exactly as described in the OP by Mastermilan on version #94056.

The issue just started for me today, was able to play every day until today with no issues.

I have followed every step in the troubleshooting guide meticulously, as well as the steps for troubleshooting listed here. No improvement - cannot play at all currently

This is not a performance issue. No lag has presented whatsoever. I have a fast gaming computer and plenty of free disk space and RAM.

Edit: My wife is just getting hooked on AoE2 and wants to play together constantly. Unless you are in a similar situation you do not understand how much it sucks to be crashing constantly when your lifelong dream is finally on the verge of coming true. please fix this bug please please

Do you have Nvidia, Discord or Steam overlays enabled? If so, disable them.

Speaking just for me now of course, but I certainly have nothing like this enabled.
And I am on version 93870, the one you have mentioned above saying the issues should be fixed.
They are not, nothing has changed at all, the exact same problems remain. The game is still unplayable.

What else can I try to do and what other steps can we expect from the developers side?
thx for support everyone.

**edit: I just now updated to 94056. Still the same issues, no changes

No, disabling all gaming overlays did not fix or improve the problem.

But good news! Through a time-consuming process of trial and error, I discovered that letting the intro video play through completely allows me to enter the main menu. (Bypassing the intro video or using SKIPINTRO flag causes crash 100% of the time).

Unfortunately, the game still crashes 100% of the time when entering a match (both single and multiplayer).

I guess you have GPU driver up to date as well as Windows updates. Would you send your DxDiag?

DxDiag.txt (97.8 KB)

All my drivers are up to date. But here is my DxDiag if that helps. As you will see I am playing on a laptop which is far from being high end gaming standard, but i can only repeat myself that performance has never been an issue an the game always ran perfectly even on higher graphic settings (and others with higher requirements do so aswell). This is not a perormance issue as Shemone and GradientLamp199 have stated.

thx for support

Thanks for the file @Mastermilan
One more question, do you have mods installed? If so, can you disable them and try again?

I do not have any mods installed right now. So this cannot be the reason for the game not running, which is still the case unfortunately.
Any other ideas?

I have the same problems that have been described in this post. If I start the game in normal mode, it hangs on the startup animation or the screen goes black. If I start the game as administrator, the game freezes after choosing a battle, whether single player or multiplayer.

I do not have the NVIDIA overlay activated, I have repaired, reinstalled, etc., but there is no way I can play, this has been happening to me since update 94056

Please help!

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just what the hell did they push with 94056 with no changelog and we’re crashing every other game

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Can you tell me what GPU you have?

hello! I have the gtx 1660 Super and I have never had problems before, I can play Aoe 3 and Aoe 4 without problems

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Anything new here? The game is still unplayable. It has been 3 weeks now!

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