Crash during historical battle: Kyoto

Game Version:

  • Build: 37650
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Like the title says, the game crashes during the historical battle: Kyoto each time after 29 minutes. I tried to play it 3 times and got 3 crashes without notice or anything else. The game just shuts down instantly.

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Can you avoid crash by making a savegame before the crash and then loading it? If you make such a savegame at 28 minutes and load it, then will you get crash after 1 minute?

yeah exactly that. Even if i save 10 seconds before, it still crashes.

Yeah, I got the same bug. I hope it can be fixed (soon), as it’s the only historical campaign mission I’m missing. I don’t think it can be finished in under 29 minutes :confused:

Strange, by coincidence I also played it today (hard difficulty) and I didn’t have any problems. I did save quite often during the game though.

Thanks for confirming it’s not just me.
It’s really frustrating, i tried it 5 times already with different settings (without mods, different resolutions, windowed, verified game files…) and it’s just the same, shuts down at 29 min mark. Its also for me the last missing gold medal. Other than that, i have no technical issues with the game.
If you find a solution, please share it.

I know now the reason. I read this thread about the game crashes when putting a loaded ram on a transport:

and i thought maybe the same thing happening in my games. So i looked into a replay and there you got it. The AI is putting a loaded ram into a transport everytime at minute 29:

The problem is clear now devs. Pls look into it! As for the problem without a fix, we need to rush the AI on water and stop them from loading transport ships…

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I got the same problem.