Crashes to desktop makes the game UNPLAYABLE (Multiplayer Ranked)

Game Version: 101.101.36202.0

  • Build: 4819260
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: 燒習大大春袋


Game has been crashing to desktop so much it’s literally unplayable for me. Happens only in 1v1 ranked for some reason. 4v4s ranked/singleplayer are fine so far. The game has crashed 6 times in the last 7 matches. The first 3 times the screen blacked out. HERE

After that issue i updated the gpu driver and now it crashes to desktop every ranked 1v1 without fail. It happens at varrying points in the game, the earliest was around 1 minute, latest 30. But the past few games have all crashed without exception. 4v4s are still totally fine somehow despite there being much much more stuff going on, no crashes whatsoever.

I have noticed the game stutters for a split second before it crashes everytime. Literally just a micro second and then it crashes.

Rig: i7-7700, 1080Ti, 16gb ram, nothing was running in the background except steam n aoe2de
Mods: small trees
Fixes I tried: Update drivers, lowest settings (4v4 highest setting no crash too), windowed/borderless/fullscreen, restart pc, reinstall game


Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Get into ranked 1v1
  2. Play for anywhere between 1-30 minutes and the game crashes without warning

Each patch making the game much worse. They don’t properly test, they don’t care. These crashes should not happen at all on even a decent rig.

Memory leak sandwich anyone?


I have been having these problems for over a month. It started as a C++ runtime error, now I have the exact same scenario as you describe @DavissonLam.
Check this thread.

I honestly have lost faith. Have asked so many times, and got so little back. Have posted my screenshots, uploaded minidumps files… no clue what is happening this time after.

The game is unplayable for a very long time to a number of users. Things don’t seem to get different anytime soon.

Maybe if we got some more feedback from developers?
@GMEvangelos @ADragon8602

Any solution yet for crashes ?

My game still keeps crashing here and there, there are so many TG where at least one player crashes so annoying

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I wish I had never started playing DE, I was having fun when I was just watching on twitch, now it’s been so much time struggling with bad performance and crashes, begging for improvements to see it all become worse, so frustrated. It’s clear the game need more developers working on the code, or management is asking from them to work on other things than what actually matters - fixing bugs and making the game smooth for everyone.


im surprised you didn’t get flagged they always flag people who shine a light on their incompetence

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Maybe they finally see that tests should be made before release :smiley:

ok… really, just joking