Screen turns black in Multiplayer Ranked

Game Version: not sure where to check, up to date patch as of April 4

  • Build: After spring patch
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: 燒習大大春袋

EDIT: Ran 1 game normally, then the next crashed like this again (cannot add new screenshot here). This time not running discord stream so dc should not be the cause.


Started a multiplayer ranked game fine. 1 minute into the game, the screen turns black. I cannot see anything except health bars and minimap. I can still select units and audio is fine, but the screen is just black. Happened twice in a row, both about 1 minute into the game. Only happened in multiplayer ranked so far.

Was streaming on discord. Only using small trees mod. 2560 x 1440 resolution, the first time it crashed was on fullscreen, second was borderless.

1080Ti, I7-7700, 16gb ram

The map was hideout and by the time it crashed I had not even gone beyond the walls.

Is there anyway the lose records can be reverted? It’s the 6th ranked game and both crashes cost me 80+ elo. Was on a 4 win streak and at 1140 elo before this. Really makes me frustrated and want to give up on ranked.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Start a ranked game
  2. Scout as per usual and it crashes.


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More users have reported the same problem here

Sad :frowning:

I also got the same error, already for the sescond time :frowning: it happened when i tried to move the card

I found the reason for the bug I believe! It happened again. My setup: two screens. It happened exactly when I moved the mouse to the border of the screen where aoe is running to the other screen (moving to the right). I am playing in fullscreen mode

While the black screen was on I switched to only display one monitor in system settings (windows)
Which gave me the inverse :smiley: lovely, isn’t it?

I actually had this happen right now, I went to sleep and left my game on but put the computer sleep, I had a map editor game test open, when I woke up and turned the computer on, the screen was completely blue at first for a few minutes so I couldn’t even login to my computer, then after that when I had read the forums for a while and went back to the game, it is showing exactly the way the earlier pictures were. :smiley:

E: and now on the editor side the problem persists. Obviously since I’m not in the middle of anything important (even the map I have open is meaningless), I have no issue right now, will just close the program.

E2: it seems that even the menu background is now black. x]

E3: all fields are missing their texts in the campaign screen and the campaign cutscenes, any other page, standard game, options, mod etc, is basically just all black. Aside from credits, history and news, every other button has some problems. I’ll upload some pictures later, I shall now close the program.

This just started happening to me… and I have a single monitor. The game also started filtering some people’s chats, completely, where everything is substituted for stars.

Has anyone tried reinstalling the game?

Getting the exact same problem since today. Been playing since release, and even a couple games in the spring update without bugs. Very strange.

That star thing is the new chat filter which was already patched in 2 months ago. Actually the filter itself isn’t completely responsible, it’s the xbox live’s own censorship that makes whole sentences filtered. So just sign out of xbox live when you go to multiplayer. That is if you bought the game from steam. If you have bought at Microsoft Store you would need to login to your account settings from a console (xbox, not pc) and change your settings there.

After all this, there will still be censorship, however it would only censor the words it finds offensive (which are too many) instead of whole sentences.

Ive ran into this issue many many times now but I’m using one monitor only. It could be a Nvidia problem tho maybe? Any chance are you using Nvidia cards? Im using 1080Ti

nvidia 1070, I clicked in the settings the “clamp mouse” and havent had it since, i also installed

I’ve got the same issue here with a nvidia 880M
It’s not in competitive tho, it’s on casual multiplayer

Anybody there? We are struggling here! Over a month, I can’t barely finish any matches, are we gonna get ANY feedback from you?

Same problem here. Any feedback? I deleted and re-installed, same problem.

They don’t care. It’s countless weeks now that we have struggled and asked for at least a reply… sorry mate but don’t loose your time…

@smusigmachi Well its not really a “fix” but for me the game is only crashing when I’m playing 1v1 ranked/ Any vs Any in lobby. Multiplayer ranked seemed fine for me so far so maybe you can try playing multi ranked…

But seriously devs are you even acknowledging many of us have this crazy black screen bug and could you guys please give some response…

Try this setting, it really helped me, and also install this c++ redistributable:
linked here:

Tried playing with and without clamp mouse, in both borderless and fullscreen, with and without UHD, disabled steam overlay. Crashed anyways. Everything from Nvidia driver to whatever firmware is up to date as well. :frowning:
Glad it’s working for you tho.

Dev pls fix.


A month already and it’s still bugged. At least some info on if anyone is looking at this issue?

DxDiag.txt (84.0 KB)


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Update 36906 still did not fix the bug for me. Same crash just minutes ago. I did a complete reinstall just to be safe, still crashed.

Game Version:101.101.36202.0

  • Build: 4819260
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Bourne2Believe


My whole screen turned black within the game, with exception of the mini map and 1 health bar. i could still chat and pause/unpause, but the screen stayed all black.

Reproduction Steps:

no idea.