Cringe Georgian voice lines

Hello, I’m a youtube streamer, from Republic of Georgia (native Georgian speaker)

(here was my youtube link, but forum disallows it)

I’d like to ask to change most of Georgian unit voice lines, coz’ they are VERY WRONG and cringe out most of Georgian players (especially young generation, who simply say they can’t play this game with so wrong voice lines)

I mean most words spoken by units - DO NOT EXIST in Georgian, they resemble some Georgian word, but most are completely wrong


“ketil ars” - is VERY CRINGE should be “ketili”

“agmashenebeli” - should be “vasheneb” (agmashenebuli is the David Agmashenebuli, the builder, not the action)

“vitarca gindes” → “rogorc ginda” (gindes is non existing form of the “ginda” word)

“viqm” → “vaketeb” (viqm is VERY cringe, nobody uses it in that form)

“tkis mkafeli” → “tkis mchreli” (kafva is to obliterate forest)

“daukeneblad” → “daukovnebliv” (just wrong time form)

“martal khart” → “rogorc ityvit” or “vasruleb” (martali khart are correct words, but never used like that)

“msakhuro” → “gemsakhurebit” (msakhuro - means “you! my servant!” - not the other way around :smiley: )

“ketilad” → “ketili” (ketilad is the past form of the word ketili)

“mtkhrebli” → “movtkhri” or “vmushaob” (mtkhrebli - non existing word, with correct “core” of the word, but non existing form overal)

“mza ars” → “mzadaa” or “vasruleb” (mza ars - are never used forms of these words)

“rasa brzaneb” → “ras mibrzaneb?” or “rasac mibrzanebt” (rasa brzaneb is a sarcastic way of asking “what u say??”)

“daeskh” → “sheteva!” (daeskh - non existing word, it has a correct core, but wrong usage)

these may seem “very minor” to someone, but 90% of voice lines are like this, and none of them make sense - which created very ill feeling overall

longer lines are even worse, “ikos dgei marjvei” - i can’t even understand what is it supposed to mean (was this translation of “let’s win today” ? - then should be “dges gavimarjvebt!”)

please, please, reconsider re-voicing unit lines, I can provide examples of voices from many Georgian gamers who will love to participate and make this “new-voice-line” stuff as an event and a good video


are you sure that the version in the game isn’t some medieval form of Georgian?

I know that for the Germanic civs (teutons and goths for some reason), lots of lines are barely comprehensible.


some are “sort of old georgian”

but some are complete nonsense

and also some - are very modern (“monadire” for example, which is right word for hunter)

overall some “historic” words are sometimes used, but also in wrong way

and some words are just complete gibberish, Georgian can understand “what were they aiming for” - but still, wrong form of word, turning it’s meaning completely around, or nonsense

otherwise good DLC mostly, Georgian Age of Empires community expected worse and are surprised in a good way

but voice lines are killing us :smiley:


You are discovering only now that AOE2 languages are not equivalent to modern languages ?


OP said unit language is neither modern nor medieval

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As a german i have to say ,Das ich soll’’ :smiley:


Aztecs speak a made up language and Ports speak modern Portuguese with a Brazilian-ish accent (and they say “farei-lo-ei” which should be “fá-lo-ei”). Berber and Persian voice lines are really bad as well, and Byzantines speak gramatically incorrect Latin when they should be speaking Greek.


Where is the expert of this forum for caucasian dlc?

Ja, bereyte. se stroeoeme


Having the Byzantine Romans speak Latin is fine. They controlled Latin regions for periods of time.

Latin in dark age, greek from feudal onwards?

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I understand that most of non-Georgian speaking players don’t care, coz’ overall unit voices are “like real Georgian” - and that is enough

but for Georgian natives this sounds very cringe, to the level that brain starts to melt and u don’t want to play anymore

and if this is not super hard, and super big change, that could be a good part of future update - to actually change some voice lines - to “realistic” ones, this would change mostly nothing - for all other players

or so u’d think, coz’ many people learn basic phrases on different languages - through games

for example:

“tsin” (say military units when attacking) - is genuine Georgian word and means “Forward” - and is very useful to remeber, if u ever somehow visit Georgia

“diax”- is real word, meaning “Yes Sir”

and so on, why not fix other phrases to realistic ones, at least “historically realistic”, that would be enough too (coz’ Georgian is very old, and very clumsy language - just because of this reason, it did not change a lot through centuries, coz’ of small nation, very few people speaking it)

That’s like saying Britons should speak Welsh because they occupied Wales, or Berbers should Spanish because they occupied Spain


I have never considered split audio files before. The truth is that the Byzantine Romans never actually experienced a Dark Age, so making it Dark Age exclusive might be a bit rough.

It was not occupied territory; the Byzantine Romans were the Romans managed from another capital. It would be like if someone else controlled the original territory of the 13 colonies, the United States would still be the United States. Mind you that the United States does not have 2 federal capitals for the moment.

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Some of OG civs didn’t experience a dark age either. Chinese and Persians, for example.

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Understandable, but there’s no record of voice changes for a civilization once they are released (besides of Indians which was an absolute mess of a civ and doesn’t even exist as a civ anymore).

You are stuck with this voice lines forever in every match you play georgians civ. Think about the portuguese players that been hearing “farei lo ei” since 2015, or people with some knowledge of Náhuatl finding up aztecs speaks an invented language with some maya stuff here and there. It’s just how the game is!

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Obviously I’m aware Byzantines are the direct continuation of the Classical Romans, but that doesn’t mean they kept speaking Latin well into the late Middle Ages. And with a newer civ better representing the older Romans, there’s even less reason to keep the Latin voice lines for Byzantines. Otherwise you could claim Spanish, Franks and Portuguese should also speak Latin.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Goths speak medieval German despite actual Gothic language being well attested.


A romance language is simply a matured form of Latin that often incorporates regional languages and dialects along with some of their own developments. A lot of people study Ecclesiastical Latin on their own as a gateway to learning French for scholarship.

That… Doesn’t address my point at all.

Are you claiming that all those languages are just Latin with another name?

Edit to clarify: I’m a native Portuguese speaker. Are you telling me, someone who knows the origins of my language, that it’s just Latin with extra steps?