Crossbowman and culverin of Maltese need to be nerfed

If someone countered Maltese in team game, they will know Maltese is strong and OP from mid game.
Especially their crossbow can eat cav and falcs after sending cards, that already break the counter system.

The fixed gun sucks, barely even see it at high level. The pop cost is too high especially considering most of maltas units are 2 population anyway and if you want to make xbow viable you need 4 cards. Also the lack of a 2 falc shipment is really hard on malta and 1 fixed gun wagon isn’t exactly an equal card.

Bueno, nerfeen a los ballesteros y culebrinas malteses PERO! buffeen entonces a los hospitalarios y centinelas y hagan más barata el arma fija y que cueste menos población con que valga 100 de madera y 500 de oro estara bien y 5 de pop, seria un alma por un alma, y al menos obligaria a malta a utilizar sus unidades unicas

However, Malta is not the weakest civ. What should be done is to remove the unreasonable settings in the game, rather than not remove them because they are weak.

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Malta is not weak by any standard other than people who feel they are a better player than their ELO reveals, which is nearly everyone.

The Malta xbow is way too strong and easily massed

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Nah fully disagree with you here. Malta’s civilization bonus doesn’t kick in until late game, they are way more vulnerable early-game than you think they are. Their eco will not take flight if proper early pressure is applied, and as such xbows will not be massed.

By the way, if say - France wants to mass 90 pop worth of skirms they can do so and get away with it with proper micro. It’s risky - just like massing xbows are, but can work in the right hands and after multiple card investments. You have to outplay the opponent and make sure you’re microing the entire time.

Malta is not weak in early game, they can deal with most of the attack except 2 Falconets FF. And their civilization bonus will kick in with just 8 shipments later, which is not too late.

Malta’s Crossbowman can attack buildings easily but skirms can’t do that. And other civs don’t have such a wonderful combination with skim - culverin - wall because their culverins are not so strong.

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8 Shipments later is very late, the devs know this and is why their barracks are cheaper.

Any early pressure, especially with siege, hurts Malta way more than people realize.

They are certainly more vulnerable than Japan - if you see Commanderies early, don’t expect many units. If you do, don’t expect any eco behind it.

For instance, a competent equally-skilled Malta will struggle heavily against almost every civ.

Dutch, British for an eco-backed push or defense.

Indians, Ottomans, even Russia - who literally just needs to rush every time for an auto-win.
Malta loses to an FF, timing pushes, and early pressure.

They only stand a chance when they aren’t pressured, but if the other player is booming instead then it’s tough for Malta as well.

They just need a tiny buff in early and late-game while nerfing their xbows slightly to reduce overdepe###### on them and to remove the one-trick-pony element. But remember, any of the strategies above make it difficult for a Malta player to actually pull off non-stop X-bows with all the right cards.

lt’s not late, just 15-18min for Malta, which is really easy to touch.

In fact the main problem is Steel bolts and xbow doesn’t need to wait for sending all their cards, and in team game it is quite easy for a malta player to achieve, plus below op cards.
Steel bolts, Wingnacourt construction and Vittoriosa, are too strong.

I don’t deny to buff Malta early game a bit, however above cards should get nerfed.

Last time I played Malta they seemed very reliant on some very specific cards to even have a small chance to survive the first 10 minutes of the game.

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wingnacourt requiere map control, y ademas los destacamentos solo mejoran un 10% la recolección y los centros urbanos un 20% vittoriosa es una carta de edad III que es como medicina pero más fuerte y eso ayuda la economia de los malteses en juego tardio debido a la falta de economia

In team game, if Malta is not under hard rush, Wingnacourt will be the first card in age2 and Vittoriosa will be the first card in age3. Their eco will be top one.

Plus their xbow is OP but cheap.

I don’t have anymore to add.

si te hace pura ballesta, meteles caballeria, ya que con solo ballestas no te va a ganar, y si no focusean entonces al maltes en un juego de equipo dandole tiempo de hacer boom algo va mal xd

The only option as malta is to cheese your way through the game and try and annoy your opponent so much that they make mistakes and sacrifice units to your buildings/fixed guns.