Cultural Unit skins

Hi AOE 2 DE devs,

can we please have more cultural unit skins for the baseline generic units and some optional appearance for UU?

In HD era there was this huge mod

this mod has so many units and they all look amazing, even the cataphracts look dope. Please give us an official DLC like this.



I support the idea, it’s weird to have mainly european-looking troops for all factions. However there is one important constraint : units should remain easy to identify, for example when you see a knight it should be immediately clear that it’s indeed a knight, and not mistake him for a cavalier or light cavalry for example. So besides the armour and weapon style, the overall colour scheme should remain similar


All for unit skins but they should remain client side only


I agree 100%, I understand due to the limitations of 1993 that all the units had 14th century European armour but with todays technology and the devs brillinat work already done adding regional units, it is a must to add correct skins for each civ.

Please se my following post:
Uniqe unit skins for each civ + Caucasus DLC

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Why not just change skin tones?

The visual effect would be minor for most units, and it would be even weirder to have African- or Asian-looking troops in western european armours.

we can only hope… maybe in 10 years time…

either way: client side only

Not so long ago I was against the idea of unique skins, but with time I grew to like it specially for playing campaings. As a toggable optional feature of course.

I wouldn’t do it for every civ, that would be a real mess. What I would do are divide units in 5 regions: Europe, Américas, East Asia (including mongols), South Asia (Including India and the RotR civs), and a huge umbrella of Middle East, Central Asia and África civs.

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There is one way of making one model per civ while still remaining manageable.

Keep the overall model the same per region. But for each civ within a region, change the heraldy on the unit.

For example the pikeman has a lion on its surcoat. Make it fleurs-de-lys for the Franks, an imperial eagle for the Teutons…


We keep asking. They don’t answer.

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Skins for every civ are too much, it’s better to have regional ones, client side only

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Is there not a single mod like this that is actually up to date with AOE 2 DE??? I have found a handful but none of them are up to date.

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We need a dedicated reskin DLC for all civs. I will be happy to pay to aquire this, please devs, we need it.


I vouch for this, 100%. Client side so both Greeks and Trojans are pleased. They already did it with the commerce cart units, so we already aware it’s doable on the current engine. Part of me believe that they may be listening to this request and plan to implement it, so they changed the trade carts as an test.

As some people already pointed out, it don’t need to be a tileset for every civilization, just some general groups:

• European (stays the same)
• Muslin
• African
• Asian
• Central/South American