Cumans buff ideas

Cumans just need to increase the Kipchaks training time to 25, but then affected by Steppe Husbandry.

Steppe Husbandry should affect Genitours as well.

It just saves a little wood.

You do know I am talking about siege Workshops and not siege Workshop units right?

In no way would it be op


The problem with Siege in feudal is too expensive and you don’t have the good units to defend or protect your rams; i mean just imagine sending rams in feudal to kill a tc how will you protects the rams under the tc fire in feudal?! Scouts will die, archers will die, maa will die, and of course you will need tons of resources to make units to protect your rams

Then build the siege Workshop in feudal age forward while going up to Castle and with siege right when you hit castle age as cuman.

Making siege Workshops cheaper would allows a greater window for such a play.


Yeah this choice is already avilable in current play, so there is no difference except earning sometime for creat rams before hitting castle

There is a huge difference in my opinion. Currently you would need 275 wood to build a siege Workshop. Resources are tight in a fast castle. With a 50% discount here the build would go hopefully much more smoothly and allow fun strategy


Yeah if we are talking about a FC it will be really helpful, but the siege workshop cost 200 wood not 275 wood, so yeah making it cost 100 wood will be good for early siege aggression push

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I’d like that. This would make the Siege finally usable in feudal.
But also reduce the building time, I think the feudal siege workshop is also build much slower (?)

No, heavy reductin of the TC workrate (after the mai tc), this was the idea i refered too and just added the idea to spawn like 2-3 vills to offset the much reduced boom potential. The thoughts behind it are quite xomplicated: The extra TC in feudal wouln’t bring you as much behind as now (1400 res) but the feudal boom wouldn’t be as strong in the exchange. This would solve many problems the extra TC brings with it right now.

I just played around my idea and I have no idea how they implement TCs. TCs are the most complex structures in game.

The main TC we see is unit 109 but the builder actually builds unit 621 (I compared the build time). But the unit 621 is only available Castle Age onwards (except Cumans). But then how are we able to construct a Dark Age TC, say on Nomadic starts?

You do realise there is literally an entire base to destroy?

I mean even forcing vils to Idle to repair the rax they’re using as a wall, while a ram batters it can have good returns.

Half price siegeworks not only means you can get an early ram, but also means in castle age you’re more able to put down 2 sworks to boost production rates

Although this doesn’t really help them where they’re weak in the early game.

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I like that concept, a discount on siege workshops.

-It plays into the options the civ is supposed to have but are underutilized right now. You see a lot of Feudal TC’s with Cumans, but barely any Feudal rams.

-It plays into the civ’s strength, helping with that early to mid castle age push that benefits most from the two TC boom.

-It helps with one of the civ’s weaknesses as well, their dropoff in some respects towards the end of the game. Anything that helps make siege affordable is good for the late game.

-It ties into the civ’s identity as "the guys with the early rams.

It’s a small bonus, but it feels like a good small bonus.

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As they lost the zero frame delay on their kipchaks, maybe bracer could be an option. So they wouldn’t have to transition away from CA in imp, when they usually just start to shine at that time. Still early eco would be weak though.

Well their CA still run faster, so having to choose between mangudai level of micro or paladin would be stupid.

Magyars chose between paladin and the strongest HCA in the game. That’s not a big difference imo.

Yes but Magyars have a grand total of 0 eco bonus. While the Cuman one can one of the best in the right situation.

Its simple what Cumans need:

Siege buffs. They have siege workshop identity but it is rather weak. Replace their Siege Ram upgrade with Fortified Ram that would be stronger than Siege ram, maybe even give them scorpions with -1 range in feudal age.

But that is if I speak with logic, what I feel like when I play the game is that the 2nd TC of Cumans takes forever to build, I wish theyd partially revert the nerf (was 225s, now 270s) to 250s

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Please try this. I have modified the Feudal TC. No other civilization or unit has been changed. Also I am not sure if AI will be able to locate this.

Side effects:

  1. Probably always creates the male villagers.
  2. Does not pop up when using “select all TCs”, so needs to be assigned a control group seperately.
  3. Fishermen and fisherwoman are not able to drop off at this 2nd TC.

Intended effects:

  1. Only creates villagers
  2. Gains armor, visual appearance and auto-disables with age up.
  3. Works in normal speed Castle Age onwards.

I think this doesn’t works as intendet.
The time until you can get up isn’t reduced much by this change. But you get much less vils through the second TC

I also think the buildtime of the second tc was raised for a different reason: Feudal second TC drop.

Looking at the numbers, Cuman TC has nothing special.

TCs have 5 attack and 5 pierce armor in Dark Age, but each arrow also does 5 damage. This means there is some bonus damage going on.

In Feudal Age when TCs have 6 pierce armor, we will still see 5 damage because bonus damage isn’t reduced by pierce armor.

To douche properly, both TCs need to be in range. Until the Cuman TC is built, it will only receive damage. So I don’t think Cuman Douching is strong at all.

I would even try Byzantine Feudal douche since Byz actually have 2 relevant bonuses.

It’s special because you can boom behind. And the double douche can stop any attempts of the oponent to age up, which is a common part of the counter tactic to “standard douche”.

I haven’t tried this, but I think if you aren’t prepared for this it would easily kill you with the standard building time. Not that it would be op or unstoppable, but a Mechanic that was for sure not intended.

That’s I think why the building time was raised in the first place. But I’m not sure. I remember there were some discussions about it when de started,