Current state of ranked teamgames

The current state of ranked TGs is not acceptable.

  1. Only 1 out of 5 games really starts, because someone is dodging with altf4. I’m often in the cue more than 40min for 1 game. You and your friends finaly got the map you all want to play in a ranked TG. Happy too early, of course someone is dodging with altf4 and you have to cue again, multiple times, untill you are allowed to play stupid arena or oasis 90% of the time.
    I stongly suggest to punish this behavior.

  2. The elo system for Teamgames is completely broken. Because of inflation (low elo players get basicaly free elo because of all the drops), it is not possible to get competetive games. Real heavyweights match up with players who simply don’t belong in these games. If you see these players in your lobby, you know for sure the game is allready lost. Super frustrating for everyone.


This point is a pretty common complaint. To give you an example of another thread with this issue:

This thread is made yesterday by another user. I have stopped counting al the threads with this request. I think at least once every week this suggestion pops up by another user. This shows how popular this request really is. So i hope that the dev listen to the people.

It seems like this issue isnt the result of low elo players getting free elo from drops. There seem to be other issues. In the end the result is what you noticed: Team game elo becomes meaningless and no one really enjoys these games.

I made my own thread about this issue:

This thread is already existing for more then 6 months. That shows how bad the current system is for months. I really hope that the devs will quickly fix the main roots of this issue.

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Ooh, I have bad news for you…

ELO in TG also fails without the premade ELO that exists in all other MP games. dota, LoL, HotS, CSGO…

Yeah, no

Devs have already implemented a lot of community-made suggestions and some of them never got a “We’re working on this” message from them

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