Current status - disappointment

Hello fellas,

I am a long time player since 2005 so you can imagine how excited I was when they announced this remastered version. However, this game is huge disappointment especially in terms of multiplayer.


  • 4K is nothing extra but thats nothing to compare of other things
  • No avatars, no possibility to inspect players, see their decks, achievements, medals, which leads to low motivation and competition level. Lot of anonymous players without soul. Game lost soul.
  • poor statistic and leaderboards which goes hand in hand with what I wrote in point above
  • whole multiplayer UI is not intuitive and its not possible to easily send PM, invitation
  • when browsing in lobby, its automatically scroll up all the time so you cant see whats couple scrolls below. Horrible.
    -when hosting a game, there is an invitation button for friend, however its not working. (Microsoft).
    -Not possible to easily invite a friend when I am in someone´s or my own lobby
    -No 2vs2 ranked games ?
    -Creat clan is only good for clan tag before name. No benefits, no functions, no options = no fun at all. Again, no clan leaderboards, stats = no motivation.

I am very disappointed. So wasted potential. Hopefully Devs will listen to this community and one day we will polish this rough diamond.

Thank you!


Also u can’t inspect other room when u r in a room . Reduce ur chances to find proper game .

Developers should think about that of a person want to play a descent casual game then it’s just luck base , he can’t do anything for it , he can’t check the deck or ranking or the other players in the room , so u will mostly end up with games with one player Bering super nobs and game end in no fun in both 1v1 and team game . It will just end casual games .

Also u can’t invite a friend or a player inside a room . It’s totally rediculous . Neither host can invite a player nor the players joined the room can invite their friend , nor they have option to invite the player again , who was in room before . What the point of making a room when u can’t play with ur friend ???

Look it was the very important feature , to being able to invite a player who was in room and in chat . U could always kik and reinvite the person if that person is not temporarily afk when reading up . And in special room when there is hard to find game , I could reinvite players who left , when u see some progress in room , as some players just stalk over room in waiting to a room with 1-2 players needed .


My problem with AOE3 is also that the game is too slow and laggy. The response times are horrible in this game. I honestly thought this would be solved in DE but they didn’t, which is a shame.
Imagine how amazing this game would be if the game response was like Starcraft 2.
All I can do is dream and hope the devs do something about this game that has huge potential.


goto amtchmaking then, you find someone on your level after many matches played

you dont need to invite him, he can join just giving the id, chat will be implemente soon i think

It doesnt solve the problem , for like nr55 mode or , no naval games or anything new u want to test vs descent players , u need to make room and u have interrogate everyone about their joining the room to have descent game , is just so bad .

And why can’t u invite ur friend , the recent player u played with , or players who was in ur room and left ??? This will be great help to filling the room .

Dude u need to understand there is vast skill gap , u don’t want to host a room for 10 min thay don’t even last 10 min becoz of some noob joining the room . It’s just so undesirable .

And why will u test new strat or new civ in ranked game ? Who wants to loose ranking ??


you dont need a good player to test new civ or new strat, even though it were a good player, he coudl be testing something too, and then he were unskiled player playing that match

Thanks for making this post! I totally agree with you and 100% would like to see this resolved too!

Made a similar post here: (feel free to add your own thoughts here too!!)

Ofc U need a good player in opponent to test a civ , preferably in casual mode

not necessaraly but yes

Right now a lot of noobies are getting stomped repeatedly in unranked custom.

I have let go and have played about 100 games now and won a good 90% of them… loving it ^^

then go quicksearch? i prefer ranked quicksearch.

If ranked quicksearch would work at all… doenst recognize any games since last patch…

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Nope! I’ll keep playing custom games until ranks for custom games are in :slight_smile: Enjoying very easy games and probably will for the next few weeks until all the noobies rage quit!

i remember we used to select a portrait, from the campaing and unit portraits.
also there was historic quotes, info and gameplay tips.

i remember we used to select a portrait

Yes, fun little ‘flavour’ things like this have also been taken out.