Custom Campaigns can be played, but cannot be extracted via Campaign Editor

I think that all the aoecpn files when brought into the Campaign Editor should reveal all the smaller scenarios that were used to make the file.

If you open the original campaign files using the Campaign Editor, it shows you all the smaller scenarios used to make that campaign.
However, this is not the case for ALL of the downloaded campaign files.
These files are not corrupted as they are all playable in the campaigns tab, suggesting that something’s wrong with the Editor, and not the files itself.

Please take a look at it. I have no idea why this is happening.

Newest version, Steam. (I got a feeling MS Store has this bug too, cant check it tho)

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What do you mean by smaller scenarios?

You know a campaign is made up of smaller scenarios right?
(In the campaign editor, you can merge multiple scenarios to make a campaign file).

DE now has a feature where you can reverse this process via the Scenario Editor.
You just select a campaign file and it shows you all the smaller scenarios that was in said campaign file.

The problem here is that, while this feature works for official campaigns and the ones I made myself, it does NOT work for ALL campaigns downloaded from the internet.
It just acts as if that campaign file was empty, aka had no scenarios in it, but when you play that same file, you still see the smaller missions (which are the scenarios im looking for) inside the custom campaign file.

That leads me to believe that the Scenario Editor itself is having problems with reading and extracting campaign files from the Internet.


I had this issue recently too. I wanted to view/browse scenarios from custom campaigns and I couldn’t for some reason.

Build 38862, Steam, Windows 10

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