Custom Multiplayer Victory Mod - Possible?


I have a idea for custom victory condition in multiplayer.

We play AOE2 LAN games in office and sometimes some players get defeated quick and they have to sit and wait for others to finish.

So I had this idea for a game to start where no player is allied at the start. When a players last village health falls to certain level, the player has “lost” and are allied with the attacker. They can continue playing and the attacker now has to defend and/or help that player to build up to help them to attack and conquer other players.

  • Players can be conquered back to other alliance.
  • As to make the game harder, the conquer resourced could be shared with the conquered player. So it will be harder for the one who is in the lead.
  • Winner is one player who conquers all players.
  • And everyone is winner as they can continue playing.

I have tied googling this, but there seems to be no multiplayer Victory Mods.

What, you mean a large diplomacy game? Just watch a few diplo game casts by T90Official, it sounds like something that might work for you.