Cut French Revolutionary Cards?

So while I was modding I found some very interesting things within the string table of the game. Do you think they are still in the works and will come out later or they are scrapped. I just thought I would post them here to start conversations. Enjoy!

There isn’t a card named this so it might be just a name change rather than a separate card.
string _locid=“125369” Confederation of the Rhine

Flying battery used to send Napoleon Guns as well
string _locid=“125382” Ships some Napoleon Guns. Artillery moves and fires faster.

A new card that allowed Skirmishers to help with eco.
string _locid=“125385” Foraging
string _locid=“125386” Allows French Skirmishers to pick up treasures, resource crates, and gather from all food sources.

string _locid=“125389” Chasseurs Á Pied
string _locid=“125390” French Skirmishers move faster and gain a powerful charged rifle attack.

string _locid=“125400” Horse Grenadiers
string _locid=“125401” Hussars gain a charged grenade attack and inflict more damage against buildings.

Client states enabled Revolutionary training
string _locid=“125403” Receive some Revolutionaries and coin crates unit for each Trading Post you own. Enables the training of Revolutionaries.

Different version of National Guard (2 revolutionaries per shipment)
string _locid=“125404” National Guard
string _locid=“125405” Enables the training of Revolutionaries.

string _locid=“125406” Marshal of the Empire
string _locid=“125407” Sends 1 General to turn the tide of battle with powerful abilities.


IRC Napoleonic Era mod (2 devs come from there) featured a reworked Germany that was Confederation of the Rhine. Maybe there was another revolution for Germany but was cutted.

Or maybe it was just a card bc the French were related to the creation of the Confederation.