Dawn of the Dukes DLC

Hey guys, with two new civs on the horizon, which would you say you’re most excited to play?

I’m quite excited to try out the Hussite Wagon in particular, and wondering what sounds like a farming bonus will be for the Poles!

Went through a quick overview of the civs to share some thoughts

I’m just kinda wondering whether the tech trees will be all that different to make these civs particularly enjoyable / different to play than other civs, at least at the competitive level…


I’m looking forward to trying out the Hussite wagons and I’m curious what the Poles’ new mill is all about. Above all, I hope that the new civilizations have new mechanics like the Lords of the West did.


Yeh same, I know alot of people don’t like new civs / DLC but I actually think the lord’s of the west has been great as the two civs are very different from there rest.

I think it’s would be a bit rubbish if the new civs aren’t varied enough!


I am excited for both civs. I like The bohemian gunpowder and the poles mills.


I hope it is a common resource drop off building. Although we can see a mining camp in the screenshot.

Because there is a mining camp on the screenshot, I do not think that the Polish mill will be a joint drop-off place.

I think it will be called “Folwark” and on Wikipedia, you can read that it was “originally the fortified advanced work of a castle, later an outlying manor house that managed a farm estate.”

Maybe it will be something like a hybrid of a mill and a tower. Or a mill and a house where you can hide villagers and increase the population limit. Or a Khmer house where you can hide villagers. Or it will produce a free villager like a British manor in AoE III.


I’m pretty excited for the Bohemians. We had siege civs, or gunpowder civs, but not a siege and gunpowder civ yet. I wonder what kind of bonuses and unique techs they would bring.
As for the Hussite Wagon, I hope it will have some new mechanic. On the screenshots, it really looks like some kind of deployed defensive installation, it could be interesting if it works that way.

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Good point. Ohhh, i really want a joint drop off place besides TCs.

Might be a thing for the next DLC if they’d do one. I still want a civ with 2x2 farms and both Poles nor Bohemians seem to have those as far as I could see.

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no woulld look to silly

Yeah I’m very curious as to what they mean about ‘industrious farmers’ very interested to see what bonus they may have!


That would look very weird haha, and also make things confusing when placing farms :smiley:

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Half sized farms will give faster food and it dosent look wierd ingame,many mods have done it already.


0 practical value lmao

:open_mouth: mods have done it already? But doesn’t that mess up with the tiles? Like as in all the farms are currently 3 by 3 tiles no?

I’ve never seen that before, would be interesting to see!

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You would protect double amount of farms with one TC, making your eco harder to raid


The indian civi mod for DE dharma has this and also vanilla mods like age of chivalry and realms has this.

If you look at the first hun scenario the sythians have this in their village as eye candy.

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A more sensible bonus is two villagers per farm

Probably you are right. I’m just hoping. It can still be though. Just didn’t remove regular drop off points as an Unique building with 3x3 size should definitely cost more than 100 wood and it won’t be ideal if they remove all the 3 drop off building.

Will be OP. You literally can’t attack the berry in early game. Will protect the farmers in late game from raids which is fine. But tbh, if it fires arrow, the building should available only from Castle age.

A thought similar. A mill + A Khmer House. Cost 125 wood, Construction time 40 seconds, HP 1000/1200/1500/1500 in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial, Provides 5 pop space and 5 garrison space for villagers only.

No please. Pretty hard to balance. In general, all AOE3 mechanics is very hard to implement in AOE2.

I think their siege will be all about gunpowder and maybe not both. After all, a civ needs to excel at least one department among the three main types of units.

Saaaaameeeeeeeee. Honestly I’m dying to see that. AOE1 mechanic is pretty easy to implement and balance in AOE2 unlike AOE3 mechanics.

It’s actually a very strong bonus LMAO:

Maybe the Bohemians will get it. Haven’t shown a Bohemian Farm yet.

2 villagers per farm isn’t that strong nor useful, considering you would deplete your farms at double the speed, meaning that you would need more lumberjacks per farm. The protection from raids arguments still works there, but it definitely isn’t as useful as 2x2 farms, considering that the biggest part of farming efficiency is walking. That’s why the Berbers actually also have a small farming bonus.