Dawn of the Dukes Screenshots

Here are some official Dawn of the Dukes screenhots. Bohemians and Poles confirmed


Quite disapointed honestly (I expected it but still)

At least Bohemians seem quite unique


Considering I expected, I’m not really dissappointed. Though with 6 civs using the Eastern Europe set now, Eastern Europe can definitely be considered done.


You know it wont be considered done


I hope not but you may be right.



Wooow, great info about these civs :smiley:

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No problem :smiley: Always happy to help :slight_smile:

They could’ve done only one DLC with LotW and DotD together. Something like Dawn of the Lords, or “That’s All, Folks!”


Dukes of Europe would have made a ton of sense here considering Burgundians were a Duchy


I really want unique castles for all civs now. Like seriously those look fantastic so do the sicily and burgundy ones.


Some quick observations:

  • Poles get two unique units.

    • One is a winged hussar, of course, which looks like a slightly modified version of the regular Hussar. This means it will be an upgrade which will replace the average Hussar, or further improve it (e.g. something like Imperial Hussar)
    • The second is a hammer-wielding infantry. I’m getting vibes of an anti-armor type of unit to counter heavy melee units such as the Paladin and Elite Teutonic Knight
  • I’m spotting some kind of new civilian type of unit, near the Trade Workshop and Market in the first screenshot. This is not part of the scenery, but could be a scenario unique unit, and not necessarily something usable for us players in-game.

  • Apparently Teutons also have either a new UU or a re-skin of a heavy cavalry unit, the ones with crosses, from the grey player in the third screencap. But this has to be the Lithuanian campaign, which covers the Northern crusades that the Teutonic Order launched against the pagan Lithuanians. So I’d place my bet on a “campaign-only” type of unit.

  • Fourth screencap against has the same type of Teutonic Order heavy cavalry, and also a hero variant of it in the middle.

  • What’s strangest is the Bohemian unique unit. It looks like some sort of Stryker or LAV-25 type of vehicle, but maybe it doesn’t even transport units so i don’t know.

    • Attention should be this unit is positioned sideways in both screencaps. I think this is intentional and it hints at some mechanic related to the direction is aiming at (firing from the front=less damage, firing from the side=two shots)

    • Additionally, Bohemians seem to be getting a new Bombard Cannon unit, very likely an upgrade to the regular one.


It is the merchant, a game editor unit that is in the game at least since the launch of the DE.

which is kinda ridiculous, honestly. Bohemians should be using central European set. Bohemian architecture looks nothing like eastern architecture set in game. Also Orthodox Poles is kinda absurd aswell.


I agree but this architecture set fits the Polish quite nicely. They should keep it and only change their monastery building to the Central European one.


Considering the Central European is an Orthodox Church too ironically (based on a Georgian church(yes, it makes zero sense)), it would not improve the “problem” at all.

A mixed architecture set would just look awkward. I’d support a unique variant of a monastery for Poles, but this is basically opening a can of worms considering how many civs have an unfitting monastery building(Mongols, Ethiopians, Chinese, Koreans , Vietnamese, Cumans, Goths, Teutons, Vikings, Inca, Persians, etc.)

In a perfect world, every civ would get an unique architecture set.


Yeah, I pray they make this happen.


I thought this would look good, what would be awkward?

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Feels like a weird mod to me to be honest. Especially considering how it wouldn’t fix anything because the Central European set uses an Orthodox Church too.

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Then maybe we must learn to live with the Orthodoxy.

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