DE2 : Requirements for next major update

Good day, first off I would like to thank the devs for creating/continually supporting the beautiful game that I have been playing since 2001. AoE2 is a momentous game and I am truly happy to see the brilliant evolution it has undergone. I know the devs are currently inundated by support requests and people complaining about a multitude of things, for me, the game is beautiful and close to perfect. I send this message in the hopes that it may be seen by someone on the dev team with the aims of making this stupendous game as close to perfect as possible.

What we require in the AoE2DE game once all bug fixes has been finalised :

1.This is a request to all the amazing devs of this beautiful game. Myself as well as thousands of players creates and uses complex and epic mods for each game we play ,I for one love using Independent Architecture and Independent Unit mod data set for every game.
What we need, to enable ease of use for creating and using beautiful Dataset mods are the following:

For the devs to add a button in the main menu that allows you to select and load a Mod Data set that becomes active immediately, thus allowing you to enter a campaign/Scenario/SAVED GAME or game editor with the Mod Data set loaded and activated, negating the current necessity to first enter “random map” game, select the data set, enter the match and then exit the match just to have the data set active.

Please, for us whom spend countless hours creating and endlessly testing and then using data set mods, this is a dire necessity.

  1. More civs to be released: Poland, Georgia ,Armenia and two more African civs, like the Congolese and Greater Zimbabwe.

3.Better mod browsing filters, the option to have the mod list be displayed from Latest created mods to oldest created mods. (So all the newest mods appear at the top.

Those are the three most pressing requirements but at a later stage I would love to see the following implemented:

  1. A more detailed Random Map filter in future DLC’s/Updates/Mods

When I setup a battle, I always have a specific image in my head of what I want.
For instance (Dessert civ’s fighting in a desert biome) or (European kingdoms fighting in Europe) or (Asian Kingdoms fighting in Asia).
When I select the available choices, I have a 20% chance that I’ll get the map that I require.
What I need, is a Random Map filter that provides you with standard or more detailed choices.
For Instance:
1.1. Continental Europe (Snow/winter or Summer)
1.2. Continental Asia (Snow/winter or Summer)
1.3. Continental Yucatan
2.1. Arabia Dessert
2.2. Arabia Grass (Plains)
3.1. Archipelago Europe
3.2. Archipelago Dessert
3.3 Archipelago Asia
4.1. Rivers Europe (Snow/winter or Summer)
4.2. Rivers Asia (Snow/winter or Summer)
4.3. Rivers Desert
4.4. Rivers Yucatan
5.1. Salt Marsh Yucatan
5.2. Salt Marsh Europe
And so on.

This should include a toggle option that allows you to enable and disable this feature.
Might something like that be possible?

2.Unit alterations:

1.Camels should have a slower movement speed than cavalry, but on desert sand and dirt, their movement speed should be faster than that of cavalry.

2.Viking Longboats should be able to transport units as well as attack. - balance Vikings by letting them only create knights and Light cavalry in the stable , remove transport ship form viking dock.

3.Longer corpse decay + blood effects.

I thank you for your time.

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Even better would be if it would be possible to have multiple data mods active at same time

You can already sort by creation date, both in web site and in ingame mod manager.

Would be good if there would be a popularity sort filter, which would give priority to mods which are quickly growing in subscriptions/likes (for example mod which gained 20 subscriptions in a day, while previously having only 10 subscriptions should be listed before mod, which gained 40 subscriptions in a day, while previously having 10 000). Else old mods will stay at the top forever due to already having a lot of subscriptions, so new quality mods will never reach spotlight and deserved attention due to always being way down the list.

You can see how old mods are in favored position from this ingame mod manager default sort order, where 11/14 top mods were created between 11-19 november (immediately in the game release period). And current date is 29 january! It is absurd situation, where top mod list will pretty much remain the same forever due to these mods always being in much greater spotlight compared to newer mods, even if newer mods would be more highly favored in equal conditions.

Maybe Visible Corpses and Crimson Blood mods will suit your needs :slight_smile:

But these mods can’t be active whilst a data set mod is active can they?

They are not data mods, so they can be used regardless of what data mod you use or don’t use :slight_smile:

Sweet man, thank you.