Dear Devs! Add Seljuks and Ottomans as Turks not only Ottomans unlike Age of 2!

I want these civs as sperate not only Ottomans or Seljuks. I like to play Ottomans but Seljuks are important as Ottomans. :slight_smile:

Seljuks don’t really fill the time period out. It’s only like what a hundred years or so of it?

How man? Great Seljuk Empire 1037-1194, Anatolia Seljuks 1075-1308 so I dont agree with you.


The rest of the civs are around 850ish to 1500ish. So that would definitely make it the most short lived.

Considering their massive, longlasting impact in the medieval world (check out my ‘Rise and Fall’ civ investigation), ‘Seljuks’ - perhaps including Khaganate, Ghaznavids, Khazars, Seljuks Empire and Sultanate of Rum - and the Ottoman Empire could totally and justifiably be 2 different civs.

But I have a better idea: To have both ‘Seljuks’ (ages 1 & 2) and the uber-iconic Ottoman Empire (ages 3 & 4) in one single civilization. Call it the ‘Turks’. Or ‘Seljuks’, or ‘Ottomans’, whichever you want.

Why? Because a ‘hybrid’ civilization that would start nomadic and metamorphoses into a sedentary civ in ages 2-3 is the next big revolution in waiting in the history of the Age of Empires franchise.

Btw this guy ‘Inkarnator’ (commented Drongo’s video on Youtube) seems pretty smart, anyone knows him? Is he in the forum yet?


Is this another Vinifrss account?


Please dont change the subject. I dont want any arguments with anybody.


You have little idea what you’re talking about, don’t you @CRothlisberger ?

You can visit the ‘Rise & Fall’ civ investigation here on AoE4 forum, you will benefit greatly:


I’m was basing it off of what they show on the in game tech tree.

Nah, I’m very sick of those threads. It’s got a very Vinifrss vibe to it.


Try to base it on simple knowledge. This is what a forum is for. Exchanging ideas and enrich our understanding of Age of Empires.

The ‘Rise and Fall’ civ analysis and investigation is very cool, there’s ALL the civs there, current and FUTURE, goes deep into game material, you’ll like it.

You can also check out the ‘DLC investigation and poll’ (the one Drongo showcased on the latest bombastic video) and that - who knows - may have predicted Byzantines, Italians and Turks as the AoE4 Expansion months before:


And also add Sarmatians to Rus :rofl::rofl: