December Update confirmed to be striking next week!

It seems that many demands adressed from us will be touched on this patch, and for what I can understand some other unlisted implementations at the moment will be added too, this is nice to hear!

And thanks for the work and the communication, Age team! I can’t stress enough how important is to the development team make the community feel heard.

What are you thoughts???


Patience is a virtue :slight_smile: I knew stuff like this was coming all along, based on pre-launch news/info released


Well, you could be wishing for that, as many of players were, but this only came for granted yesterday with the official posts.

Situations like that aren’t about patience. It’s about respect with the consumer. Many people paid for the game attending to the minimum specs and couldn’t get to play it. For weeks there were loads of reports and complaints about issues on such basic thing as playing the ■■■■ game, and the team were radio silent about all of that. It’s a shame.

But I’m honestly glad that they are making progress, hope they improve even further on that.


I cant wait to see what they have changed next week!

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Don’t get me wrong - I’m very happy that this update is coming and it looks like it is actually going to be great.

But I think it’s wrong to talk about us needing to have more patience. Even if this update is going to make the game great - it still just turns the game into what it should have been from the start. So let’s not act like giving us an unfinished game was totally fine and now the developers were merciful enough to make it good and we are all so thankful for them doing us a favor.
I’m pretty sure there are already quite some (probably new) players who lost interest and who are not going to come back with the update. There is already some damage done - I just hope we keep this positive direction now.

Looking forward to finally start playing the game I was hoping for from the beginning.


I disagree with you right there. Sure the game could have been better when out but we all know how the development of a game works out and how devs can just lack in time or in resources when they are pressured by a dead-line to respect.

THIS reactivity, answering to so many feedbacks made by the community, with some of them being not that obvious (the map pool question… it’s a difficult question, not everyone agree about it), it’s quite amazing. We should thank them and support them in their work right there :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Aside from the official update post and the ‘Will devs ever respond’ topic, where and when the Age team was reactive?

I am thankfull for the work, but I’m also very unsatisfied with their approach (or the lack of one) with the community.

Welcome to the forums, by the way!


I wonder what is it “AI & Pathfinding Improvements”.

Should I regret that I already finish 7 campaigns after release including Last Khans…

A deadline should be something to make sure work is done in time - not something to be an excuse for a poorly finished product. Yes, it become somewhat normal in the gaming industry to be that way, but I still think it’s bad - and I still think the release state of the game was bad and should not just be forgotten, not that it is (probably) going to become good.

I agree though, that we should appreciate what the devs are doing now, that we should support them and that we should hope the game has a bright future.
But don’t make it look like everything was fine all the time, just because it is going to become good now.

Of course I am still happy (and thankful) with what is probably going to happen now


What I really miss is a spectator mode in a single player- there was such an option even in HD edition- so you can watch AI fights- sometimes it’s very interesting ) Also I really want to see icons with unique players colours - when you play red colour- you unit icons colour is also red. And speaking about colours- it would be nice if we could get at least two new player colours- like in AOM, imagine how cool it would be to play with brown or some dark grey colour- some units will look awesome in new colours )


About AI i’ve seen some reports about the enemy AI resigning way too early.

For pathfinding any improvements should be welcomed, but users like @OwnAirplane3203 reported strange behaviors on attack clicking and patrol movement.

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I’m not acting like anything :slight_smile: The released product had some things that could use improvement and fixing, such is the case for a lot of newly released projects… whether it be in the gaming industry, or most any other industry. I don’t view the patch update as doing any favors; I view it simply as a matter of business; they’re trying to get issues and feedbacks addressed. Yes, ideally everything would’ve been perfect for everyone and the infinite variety of PC configs out there upon the game’s release so we can all play as we wish to, but alas.

If there are any favors done, it’s that they greatly updated a game that was released in the year 1999. The alternative would have been to do nothing. I can think of a zillion other games I’ve played over my life that the original IP holder or eventual owners of it through acquisitions, etc. have done nothing with games I love, but I’ve wished they had.

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Games are hard to get 100% at launch for everyone on PC. Most all games have some kind of bugs to iron out. Just be grateful that it was Vampire the Masquerade level bugs.

Anyway, the game worked like a charm for me from day one, so I am more then satisfied with the development.

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What a euphemism to say, honestly.

Anyway, I don’t want the discussion to be arriving on this point of ‘eventually things will be fixed’, that’s a nonsense point to discuss and it’s not the major problem. The complaint, again, is about transparency and feedback.


Exactly this! Even on Hardest, I have the enemy resigning with about 20-30 castles. Even when I didn’t even attack yet. Seems totally random.

Can we have a date for this patch??

Problem is very simple: bug is in “some” software development processes itself. In so many years, I’ve seen only processes like this:

  1. Somebody (named the “customer”, but often a manager) asks for something. (named the “requirement”). In this case, the requirement is “making Age of Empires II Definitive Edition”.
  2. Starting with the requirement, somebody makes an “estimate”, i.e. must decide how much time it takes.
  3. Based on the estimate, a deadline is set.
  4. If enough time is available, a “requirements analysis” is written, i.e. a detailed description of what customer has said to want.
  5. If enough time is available, a “design document” is written based on the requirements analysis, i.e. a detailed description of how the product must be made.
  6. Software development begins, a first prototype is made.
  7. Tests begin, to check if requirement is met (i.e. if the product is what customer wanted). If tests fail, some rework is made, tests are repeated, in a loop until all tests are successful.
  8. Most effort begins in this phase and in the previous: all must be completed before the deadline, at any cost.
  9. The product is distributed and sold.

This process has many pitfalls:

  1. Often, initial requirement description is never enough detailed to really understand how much time will really be needed. So, many deadlines are simply impossible to meet.
  2. Often, no design document is written; more often, documents are written not so well or in a hurry.
  3. Often, tests become a way for the customer to decide what the requirement should have been.
  4. Often, tests are not so thorough to find all bugs and visual problems.
    The result is a product made in a hurry.
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I’m hyped for this update. I’d really love to see the patch notes in advance though! So we can see exactly what has been fixed/nerfed/updated. I’m assuming there’s a Steppe Lancer and Cumans nerf, but it’d be cool to know exactly what has been targeted.


When exactly will the update be live? Let’s hope dev team don’t make it Friday then log themselves off for Christmas :frowning:

Well, the week only ends on saturday, so you need to endure yourself to this possibility as well. :rofl:

I wouldn’t find this to be a problem, to be honest. Everyone deserve some rest and enjoy holidays! :blush: