Deer cacass block wall building

This “bug” causes the inability to build a wall when there is a deer carcass on the way. This can be used to block opponents to build a wall.
Player needs to empty the deer carcass food source to be able to finally build the wall.
IRL, a deer carcass won’t block building a wall, so why it’s isn’t the case in AOE ?

The solution would be to just make the carcass disappear when building the wall or as other suggested, maybe makes the carcass disappear after some time automatically to avoid this kind of wall building freeze.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Deer carcass can be moved using Pro Scout (I know that sounds dumb).
  2. Making carcasses remain indefinitely is a nice design choice in this game, changing it at this point would alter gameplay significantly (imagine Rus).
  3. Making carcass disappear when a scaffold is placed down would be exploitable, as would having it disappear carcass when built to 1%.

Proper solution—allow walls to be built over carcasses.


I think it’s for balance, imagine that the enemy just needs to use a wooden wall to wipe out the herd of deer near you. no early food supply

This is as designed—is there a different solution that would be preferred?

In my opinion, after playing about 220 matches, I’ve only had this be an issue once or twice, and I look at it as a strategic element, whereby a player may take a moment’s micro to gain some time to rush a choke point, so I don’t personally believe it ought to be changed at all; however, if it should it be changed, I’d opt for scaffolds, that a worker has arrived at, to move the carcass to the nearest position outside the tile of the scaffold +1 to make it easier to pick up or collect from, in the case that one would be gathering it. Far more complicated than necessary, and not a soluction without exploits.

Hi @SavageEmpire566 ,

I don’t know if I speak for everyone here, but it does seem silly that a great empire didn’t build a wall because of an animal carcass.

Maybe the animal carcass should just reappear once the wall section has been completed on one side of the wall. It should reappear on the closest tile from its initial position that doesnt have a building or wall on it.

I also believe that the same should happen for shorefish. Placing docks shouldn’t remove shore fish. The fish should just shift to the closest tile that is free.