Defensive bldng

All the defensive” bldngs landmark usually… shoot something or can be garrisoned. This one is not defensive it should be renamed into horrible “military bldng”
Like really a whole building just for what amounts to what should be a simple upgrade from a blacksmith or tc…
Delhi have no defensive landmarks -landmarks that “defend” this should be renamed or fixed to “defend” i vote for actually defend”

It is called “devensive” because its benefit is defensive: The ability to build walls, gates and towers. While I tend to agree that a whole landmark just for that seems a little silly, I do not think the word “defensive” is misused here.

Go look at all the other defensive landmarks… this is the only defensive one that doesnt shoot or garrison :man_shrugging: thats all im saying… it seems messed up even if it was intended to be non defensive. Other “military landmarks” have similar military upgrades

Thanks @Daiginn! I’ll take this feedback to the team.