Delaying knights... to buff steppe lancers?

So, change to discourage rush strategies. What if you required a fully constructed castle in order to make knights at the stable? What implications on other cavalry would this have?

I am thinking in terms of steppe lancers, camels, hussars, and elephants. If knight rushes were delayed until castles had been built, then by the time knights actually arrive on the scene of combat, they are too late to decisively swing the match.

Late knight rushes also means more games go to imperial age. However this would also give civs with access to steppe lancers an advantage in access to faster cavalry rushes.

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If you did that, everyone would go crossbows every game


Delaying all knight rushes will really mess up the balance of the game. It will really hurt a lot of civs that tend to go for knights in castle age. They need something else in the main time to defend against (probably) xbows of the opponent. So you really nerfing cav civs in general and as result it will buff archer civs. I dont really think this is a change that we want.

If you want to steppe lancers to be more common, then you need to think about something else.

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Implications: no one would play a cavalry civ ever again


Please, include elo display to each users…
There are really too many ridiculous “suggestions” on nerfing this buffing that by just their own desires.
But they dont really understand what the meta or balance of the game at all.

Having too many these kind of “trash” suggestions making those valued topics sink to the bottom which is not healthy at all.


Why are you guys feeding the troll?


exact my thougth. if anything u must buff knights, their weak to archer mass halbs monks camles all but stil so expansive

I think this is a bad idea, you’re basically saying lets ignore people based on their level of play.


  1. ideas should stand on their own, not on the person that has them
  2. I’d rather have more ideas with lots of bad ones than fewer ideas overall
  3. some ideas may have traction in other modes than just ladder RM
    e.g. this idea could very easily be a mod and perhaps a community could form around it. Random Cost mod messes entirely with the balance but it’s still fun for some.
  4. Low elo players come up with amazing non meta strategies that people love to watch, see Low Elo Legends. If everyone thought the same and played the same meta aoe2 would be the lesser for it.

I’m not saying this is the best idea or that it should be implemented. Only that dismissing people on their ability is bad.


He is not a troll, he is a SP guy

Wtf are you talking about 11. Kts are literally the most common unit in the game along with xbows

All the topics he made are like this and he never responds to any of them, he is a troll.

No? I make the posts so others can talk about them. I like seeing your thoughts on the ideas. Many of you have much better responses to each others comments than I would think of, and its so great watching you talk :slight_smile:

Not every trash idea is made by a troll. Some players just dont see the full impact of a balance change on the outcome of the game, because they lack some knowledge. That isnt really an issue to me. Everyone should be able to post their suggestions.

It will be a different case if something is clearly a bad idea, but the topic starters rejects to agree with that. For this thread such thing is clearly not the case.

I apologize for thinking your posts are troll posts.

I would especially disagree your 2nd point.
This reminds me how ridiculous about transgender in Olympic in this year.
When we need to accept every ridiculous thoughts, people think this is the trend and co-op with it.
(when a bad idea comes up at the start, it might not be concerned, when it keep raising by a small group of people and spread out the idea, it might comes true)

My idea doesnt even preventing people to post, they can still have freedom to post the stuff they concern. It’s helping us to decide involving into the discussion or not.
And in fact this helps to grouped different people into different theads.
I saw so many threads which talk some real stuff but the discussion in side is awful.
Full of invalid argument and disagreement without reasonable points at all.
I would like to see some good quality stuffs instead of people just running into the circle just for arguing something that they dont even understand.

Actually, how about making steppe lancers available in feudal age. It could be a weaker one and get buffed automatically in castle age (This I’m not sure as it’s such a trash). I think it will make things more interesting.

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You can disagree of course. For me it comes down to maths. I’d rather have 1% of 1000 ideas be good than 10% of 10 ideas be good. Cause that way you’d have 10 good ideas instead of 1.

Your idea doesn’t prevent people from posting no. It does actively encourage people to dismiss ideas based on elo and worse give abuse because it’s easier to do so when you feel superior to them.


You know what? From the trend of the players in this forum, I can tell they will probably reply you that your statement is not stat proven and simply ban your whole statement.
But to me, actually, yes, I agree what you have said. It may discourages some of the ideas or threads.
But this is exactly what I want, as this is personal preference.

In this exposure of information’s era, there are really too many useless comments or discussion.
Though is bit out of topic here, but I would rather in every forums, people should have showed what their professionals so I am able to judge what comments / discussion I should spend more time to focuz in.
I have seen enough those comments having “soundable” justification, spend my time to discuss, and after I googled it and found they are totally ■■■■■■■■.
People are easily misleaded by the wind, not just because of the critical ability, it’s also because the lack of knowledge on that partically field, it’s not our faults, it just there are too many things in the world.

btw, talking about your example of 1% of 1000 ideas and the 10% of 10 ideas.
You might think the only concern is 10 good ideas vs 1 ideas.
But you missed out a thing, and this is what I have mentioned also, this is spreading people’s time and focuz.
Few of the good ideas will probably sink to the bottom out of those 1000 ideas.
And this is what “some” countries doing to control people’s mind.
When real shits happen, they just spam the other useless news so as to spread out people focuz and try to eliminate that real shits.

It’s a crazy time and a lot of people are struggling, and one way is the feel of no control and hopelessness. I hope that you are ok and I wish you the best x

thanks for that, yes, the place I am living is not quite okay.
TBH, after I saw what’s going on in Myanmar, I am just kind of losing hope aboout this world.
I can’t believe this kind of realshits are still happening in 20 centuries while no countries give a damn on it.


This would be interesting/ perhaps if crossbows were moved to imperial age and another upgrade made for castle age such as an upgraded bow type like an oak bow or yew bowman, etc. Giving them an in-between upgrade in imperial like cavalier or two handed swordsmen in the form of crossbows while the castle age’s upgrade would be more in line with the castle age upgrade(long swordsman) for the militia line in terms of effectiveness. (Flaming arrows for more dmg vs buildings for instance, among many other options that could be considered, a slight increase in hp and armor being another)

From an esthetic point of view, knights coming out once a castle is built would make sense and look cool. / I’m fairly sure the above change to the archer line would allow it while properly nerfing archers softly vs all strategies including the militia line, scout line and so on, and will ensure archers take a little more time to tech fully in imperial age which provides a decent buffer time for enemy civs to attempt to counter massed archers before they become too dangerous.

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