Delhi fishing boats

A small but annoying bug for those who like to select all military units at once (like me :)) The standard habit of using F2 that came from SC2). For some reason Delhi fishing boats are also selected when using “select all military units” hotkey. So far I bind this command to ` button. Changing the bind to another button does not help. It happens exclusively with Delhi fishing ships, all other nation’s fishing ships are fine and are not selected by using this hotkey.

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Delhi fishing boat shoot arrow , so game consider them as military troop .

The Delhi fishing boats should not be included in the ‘select all military’ option. I understand that they shoot arrows, but this is a really annoying ‘feature’ that is not often used except maybe (and I stress maybe) on water maps. In hybrid maps, this feature is not useful.

Thanks, all! We are actively discussing the best way forward here with Fishing Boats. Appreciate the input!