Delhi gets free scholars


I can reproduce this.

You place a house and position a villager on each side of it (don’t start building). Then place 4 mosques on each side making sure they are an equal number of grid squares away from the house. Then you shift queue each villager to build the house and then build the mosque on their side.

If you do correctly they start building the mosques at the exact same time and you get a scholar in each of them when they finish.


This it’s very easy to reproduce, here my first attempt:

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Is that level of precision required for this bug to occur? Have you tried building three of them with one villager each but manually tasked quickly, so that ~1 second difference occurs between each being built?

Interesting discovery. However that is hardly exploitable in-game as it requires a ton of wood. If we’re talking dark age and standard resources, this is impossible.

Yeah, you need to time it exactly or you wont get the extra scholars.

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You only need 250 wood to get 1 extra scholar. You can actually do it right at the start of the game to get 1 free scholar.

So 1 extra scholar in exchange of nothing else untill wood is gathered. Would have to run the play, but I think that takes too many vills from food to wood in order to catch up on building at least a lumber camp.

Plus I guess one needs to practice a bit the construction of this. I wonder how much idle time that introduces. My bet would be that this is not practical at the high level.

Here is an example of the age up time I was able to achieve with the bug Delhi Scholar Exploit 5:19, which isn’t too bad considering that has a rax and resources to drop a blacksmith and house and start spear production.

Delhi can create 2 mosques with 2 free scholars.
In this screenshot I show the current status of my base. Cut off is the population of 24/30 1 idle 7 food (90) 10 wood (221) 3 gold (150). Clearly not the cleanest age up macro. This was building with 4 villagers on landmark. I also have the rax aging up, so I could have gone faster if I had cut that.

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Thanks for the report, all. We’re aware and working on a fix.

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