Delhi / Indian civic Language

Request to change language for Delhi civilization to Hindi. Like previous versions of AOE.
As Indian player we don’t understand anything and it takes away feeling from the game. It would be better to keep it muted rather than that gibberish language. The developer certainly overthought while creating. Persian language what a great idea. I am pretty sure almost all Indian AOE player wouldn’t be happy. According to this logic many other civic languages should have been consistent with their medieval period.

The official language of the Delhi Sultanate is Persian. It continued to be Persian even during Mughal times.

But the common folk spoke some sort of Old Hindi, which slowly turned into Modern Hindi after including words from Persian/Arabic.

Maybe separate the languages of the army and the economy. But we all know that isn’t happening.

Other important things have to be fixed first.


Chill man, they will probably release an Indian civ within a few dlcs. I’m hoping for Vijayanagar or the Rashtrakuta dynasty.

I rather not have aoe4 go with the aoe2 modernistic approach and use civilizations that makes no sense for the era.


The some sort of old hindi language mentioned has a name and its called ‘Sanskrit’. Persian influence on Hindi is minor.

If the game was taken in that sense then it’s not a true representation of Indian civilization at least for my point of view and many would also feel the same. I believe here just trying to represnt a particular empire that happen to conquer Delhi. Its just one of the history of India. Its taken from time period of 1200-1500 on the area around Delhi. While the influence of Gupta dynasty and Major Rajput dynasties before that have been ignored. Maybe because I guess gunpowder was not popular during that time. I feel representation in AoE3 Akbar King from Mughal was better at least.
Delhi history too is not confined to a time period of 400 or 500 years. There has been Mauryan empire to Kushan to Gupta then Tomara then Chauhan too. Its since 300bc to 1200AD.

Sanskrit meanwhile as a language had a great influence in history of India. Almost all Indian languages have been derived from it.

Anyways its developers choice on what settings they want in a game on what part of history to design civilization.

I love AOE thus wanted to give my honest feedback.

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I don’t think they wanted this to be the Indian civilization.

It’s just the Delhi Sultanate here AND between 900s and 1526 . They are not talking about Delhi the geographical place either and focus on the Muslim empire started by the Mamluk Qutb-ud-din Aibak that ended with the fall of the Lodi dynasty at the hands of Babur. And I believe that the old Hindi I’m talking about is a mixture of Sanskrit, Prakrit and other small languages.

The other age games massacre India like anything. I don’t consider India to be done well in any age game. At least here, they’ve just called it Delhi and not India.


Qutub ud din aibak started ruling around starting of 1200. Fall of lodi was around first quarter of 16th century.

If the focus was only on Delhi Sultanate, then I am surprised to see it as one of the core civilizations in AOE4. It has not been the biggest nor strongest empire in Delhi itself let alone India. I believe Its influence is also not that great compared to Ashoka, Gupta and Mughals. Pandya and chola have more influence. I am just worried if developers went by just name of capital city of country. Good thing that its just mentioned as Delhi only.

Anyways who knows what’s going on while designing these civilization. Will just take it as a game. Personally The least I would have asked for was proper language, Words which we could make sense of.

“According to this logic many other civic languages should have been consistent with their medieval period.”

They literally are. They even change as the ages change.

i am a hindi fanboy, and its my mothertongue. although i somewhat support that delhi units should speak some sort of recognizable hindi, but even i know that would make it historically inaccurate. i mean hindi didnt really exist about 200-300 years ago forget about the time delhi sultanate was there. ideally i would love to have some indegenous civs that had much longer lasting impact compared to the invaders. like the guptas or something that people of the region can relate to. and there are many of them.

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Also India existed after 1947. The population has influenced from earlier civilizations majorly. Now its upto developers what they want to pick. When you mention Delhi, it feels direct connection to India as it is capital. But to be honest I don’t believe this is a civilization which carry theme of India, so its as mentioned earlier it cannot be considered Indian civilization. So maybe will wait for some indigenous civilization in some dlc.

Not sure Delhi sultanate was put in the game for what audience/players. Maybe more Iran or Afghan or Pakistan players.

If you ask majority of Indian what part of history they hate most, then I believe majority will say those invaders who started Delhi sultanate, destroyed universities and what not.

Really confused what was in developers mind. But at the end it was their decision.

Its not that I cant understand ur feelings but for now theres way too many more important things to be patched right now, the game is so uncompleted and broken rn

Language is an important part. The basic aesthetic of the game should be fixed. Me and a lot of my known friends have already removed the game from library for being historically inaccurate.

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This post is the reason Pakistan and India can’t be Friends :joy:

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Those may have had more impact globally and on the Indian subcontinent, but during the games time period of ~1000-1600 AD, they clearly were the largest and most impactful civilization of the region, not to mention the impact that muslim rule over the centuries had over the Indian and Pakistani areas.

I totally disagree with this.

Can check this page they have mentioned timeline from 879-1526. So please dont change the timeline to suit another narrative.

while Chinese Chinese - Age of Empires
They mention timeline from 907-1644. But it should be taken from around from 650 A.D to 1600A.D as Tang dynasty was almost finished in 907.
Delhi Sultanate here for India would be similar to designing Yuan dynasty for Chinese with Mongolian as it was the official language. And why the language is Mandarin. its modern chinese. Where does the historical correctness go for Chinese? There was no as such ‘Chinese’ civilization. Name come from Qin which they dont even represent.

Moreover Delhi sultanate is an umbrella term for short lived 5 dynasties over 300 years and their impact on India is none except for the stories how they destroyed things. Especially earlier ones Mamluk and Ghurid. Glorifying them is a big no for Indians. Tughlaqs meanwhile are laughing stocks. Everyone knows their blunders.

Talking about bigger and stronger, Rajput era spanned for 500 years from 700-1200 and it has great impact on India. It could have been used to represent various Rajput Kingdoms like Gujara Pratihara, Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas. Could have just used Rajputs as umbrella term to design civilization for India.

Unfortunately the setting for Delhi civilization is India but it cannot be considered Indian. Its like calling Chinese Mongolian as they once ruled there or calling Russian as Mongolian as they once ruled over there too. Or Eastern Europe Mongolian as they once ruled over there too.

Talking about muslim rule, Is 600 year of muslim rule is bigger than 2000 year of Hindu/Buddhist rule? Kingdoms have been established since 600B.C and even during muslim rule there were major Hindu/Buddhist religion rulers. There is a valid reason for so much hatred especially towards sultanate. About their influence and impact on India, you are free to do survey and can open your eyes for yourself. Why should we care about Pakistani area. Be happy for Pakistan, you got civilization which you admire.
Give Indians one which they admire.

The sultanate is noted for its integration of the Indian subcontinent into a global cosmopolitan culture The sultanate is noted for its integration of the Indian subcontinent into a global cosmopolitan culture (as seen concretely in the development of the Hindustani language and Indo-Islamic architecture, being one of the few powers to repel attacks by the Mongols, and for enthroning one of the few female rulers in Islamic history.

Also if we are talking about civilizations that are noted for their invasions of peoples and rule over foreign land, keep in mind the starting civs in the game include the Norman English, the Mongols, the Chinese, the Rus and the Abbassids.

Are you kidding? One of the first world’s civiliation was in India. One of the first kingdoms of world was in India. Sea trade is know to be since 3000B.C from India. indian empires were already known to the world. Not to mention Indian influence on south east asia even before the Religion of Delhi sultanate came to existence in world. Oldest civilizations Mesopotamia Indian and Chinese had known each other properly since ages. What cosmopolitan you are talking about?

Talking about Hindustani/Indian language. Almost all are derived from Sanskrit which scholars even today agree has been meticulously crafted. Non supporters will disagree but thats another debate. Persian influence on language was minimum. Even if some words from Persian language didnt arrive language derived from Sanskrit would have fully thrived.

And about architectures that is one thing they would build to show off that they ruled, instead of proper innovation and prosperity making tombs and buildings in their names.

Not sure what the first argument is supposed to be about, just cause they existed for a long time means a few centuries of different settling and ruling cultures have 0 impact on it’s people and the region as a whole? That’s like suggesting the European colonization of Africa has had 0 impact on it’s peoples and cultures.

Considering the language is grouped as a branch of Indo-Iranian languages, I have to imagine Iranian and persian influence on the language exists in some amount.

It’s clear that over a millenium of foreign/muslim rule on large parts of the subcontinent had significant effect on them. All you have to do is look at the existence of Pakistan as a nation and it’s relationship to India to see the impact that Muslim existence had on Indian culture

Next thing we are gona hear is the Taj Mahal was not made by the Mughals and that it is an irrelevant building anyway xD

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What would be wrong with a second Civ from such a large part of Earth?

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You are free to go ahead and read Indian history. Little knowledge is always dangerous. There is a reason they are known as “Foreign” or “Invader” Civilization in India. Why should I care about Pakistan? Let Pakistan be happy or sad whatever they want.

What I am asking as Indian is indigenous Indian civilization.

You are right impact is not 0 but negative overall.
Talking about Mongol invasion prevention. Babur who ended Sultanate rule and started Mughal, was indirect descendant of Mongols and Taimur. So basically Mughal is a civilization with Mongol origin. Only Khilji was able to prevent the Mongol from entering earlier attempts. Later Timur invaded Delhi defeated The Sultanate ruler and ransacked Delhi deestabilizing and looting everything along with all the massacres he caused and then even decided not to establish his empire there, he could have ended Sultanate rule there itself in late 14th century. Maybe he decided Sultanate rule was too stupid to rule upon. XD

Very very minor. Such that if it was not there Sanskrit derived languages would have well go on. Much of the population still used Sanskrit during those Foreign rule time.
When it comes to history you should not imagine but rather read. Indian people did not accept later. Those who accepted I guess already moved to Pakistan. Did Chinese accepted Mongolian?
Sanskrit is the mother of almost all major language of India. Period