Delhi-Infantry can build StoneWalls without having the Landmark

First: Delhi has a landmark, that gives infantry the option to build stonewalls.

Bug: There is a workaround for the restrictions:
If you make the “Stonewall-Blueprint” with a villager, then use for example a spearman and build a “wood wall” close to the stonewall (1 Tile is enought) they switch over and start building the Stone-Wall after the woodwall is completed. It works, even if you dont have the landmark for it

You can have the bonuses of both Landmarks.


Thanks for the report. I’ve shared this with the team.


Glad to see somebody has already reported this. I noticed it as a result of streamer “FitzBro” showing it off. Just in case it wasn’t clear, here are reproduction steps:

  1. Be Delhi Sultanate, in Feudal age or later. Do not build the Compound of the Defender landmark.
  2. Place Stone Wall foundation using a villager (this can be on the opposite side of the map from where the villager is)
  3. Task infantry to build a small segment of Palisade Wall in close proximity to the Stone Wall foundation
  4. Infantry will build the Palisade Wall, and once finished, will build Stone Wall, even without Compound of the Defender landmark.

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To add on to this,
In Age 2 Delhi, add a villager to an infantry army then you can directly build the stone walls with the army instead of just the villager.