Delhi patch bugs/opinions

Hello everyone!

I want to share my opinion about the new patch and share with everyone two major bugs that i have discoverd:

  1. With no scholars in mosques for the following keep upgrades:
  • Village Fortress = 5 minutes
  • Slow-Burning Defenses = 3.45 minutes

→ even if the keep it is under the influence of the mosque or not it takes the same time!

  • with 7 mosques fulled with scholars for the techs mentioned it takes more than 50 minutes to be done so this is a huge bug!
  1. If you garisson a scholar inside the siege workshop, you will not be able to see and upgrade the tech “Siege
    Works” - which increase the health of siege engines by +20% and their ranged armor by +3 and of course you can not benefit from the scholar boost for the upgrade. But, if you start the tech upgrade and then order the scholer to go inside the siege workshop it will boost the tech upgrade and you’ll get the 50% cooldown.

Also, i want to suport the Vipers suggestions for balancing all the civs in the game, i think his opinions are much better than what developers did with this patch and because it’s a Delhi topic please find below Vipers balancing suggestions for this civ (all the credits goes to Viper):

“Delhi Sanctity upgrade avaiable in Dark Age.(To research, but cannot take Sacred Sites until Feudal Age).
Delhi Tech upgrades 10x instead of 15x in Imperial. Maybe even lower.
Delhi Tower of Victory Landmark give a permanent attack speed of +10% to melee and ranged infantry produced from a building within the Delhi influence.
Delhi Palace of Sultan Landmark, allow player to choose between Tower Elephant or War Elephant.”

I hope someone will make this game better instead of making it worse.


Probably they messed up some of the match , now that I understand the Delhi situation my opinion has changed a little bit .

If they put sanctity back in dark age at a higher cost

Patch the bug of delhi influence area

I’m sure it would be a good re balance.

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Yes, it would be a good re balance. But still, that 15x time for techs in imperial it could be change a little bit… Also, Vipers opinions about the both Landmarks changes would be great, because to be honest… nobody is using Tower of Victory Landamrk.