Delhi Scholars Cumulative?

Was the scholar’s research speed bonus prior to bugs cumulative, as in (((time * 87.5%) * 87.5%) * 87.5%) etc…, or linear (speed + 12.5% * scholars)? The former seems to make more sense with the balancing of 3x Dark, 3.5x Feudal, 5x Castle, and 15x Imp research times. I can’t test any of this because the scholars seem bugged at the moment, with the first scholar only giving an 11.5% speed bonus rather than the 12.5% advertised, and each scholar seems to contribute less and less of a bonus to research speeds (based on tests with wheelbarrow and 33 scholars :smiley: )

If it were cumulative in the way I thought it was (and working properly), then that would mean you would get equal research times with other civs with 8 scholars for dark age techs, 10 for Feudal, 12 for Castle, and 20 scholars for Imp techs. The cost of 20 scholars would be somewhere between 1500g and 3000g depending on your landmarks and timings, which is a massive cost reduction to what you would have been spending on even just imperial age techs with other civs. I hadn’t played a ton of Delhi, so I wasn’t sure how this system exactly worked, and looking to get some info. Thanks!


They are definitely not doing as advertised. It seems cumulative with diminishing return. I made a list and could not find a formula.

One thing is certain that the Scholar effect is nerfed in this patch. Previously 9 scholars delivered -80% research time, now you need 15 for that. Those players defending new balance saying “But they are now more powerful in early age, don’t judge before you test it!” haven’t tested anything, apparently.