Deli select all military units including fish boat

Deli would encounter many annoying features including:

  1. all mili units including fish boat
  2. all production building including monk inside.

Also, Rus would select all mili units not including fire boat. Really hard to find them among lots of fish boat.


Hey @TiedMushroom37! Can you explain more fully on what you mean by point #2 above? Current vs expected behavior, etc. Thanks!

If you select all prod buildings, the monk would be selected too, which usually don’t want to select them.
Not a urgent problem, but the first one and fire boat bug is annoying.

delhi fisher boats can fire, thats why they are military

Got it. Appreciate the clarification.

Why not do the same as in AOE2. Hotkey select all military land unit and double-click on that hotkey is select all sea military units. It’s perfect than now.

As Delhi, when I hit my “all army” hotkey, I NEVER want my fishing ships to be part of that selection. It’d be great if those could have an exception in that logic.

I can’t explain how many times I just moved all my units back to a place I want to set up defense, or all units to the front to set up attacks and start getting units managed into hotkey groups, or even out of panic like OH ■■■■ I need all my units now. And then interrupting my 20 fishing boat economy having no food 1 min later and being like: ‘‘well i m death I lost 1300 food ggwp’’.

So basically, i don t want fishing ships to be selected as military units. Because when u have ideal fishing ships they are under ideal villagers but if u use the all ideal villager hotkey u actually do not select all ideal fishing ships u have to click once on the button for every single one being idle which is extremely annoying and frustrating to do deal with. This I probably number 1 reason why I stopped playing Delhi. It s not the bugs, not the changes u made recently, it s this being so annoying to deal with that I just don t want to play them anymore.

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