Denmark and Poland is coming now

Nope, not at all… That is my totally honest thought as i love history and that is how i approach situation when people twist history… Of course if it is only ignorance based people shouldn’t be too harsh, and instead try to remove ignorance with knowledge


Discussion regarding Ukraine as a civ is

  1. Completely unrelated to this topic
  2. Nonsensical as Ukrainian national identity is relatively modern(like the majority of such) and as a state it didn’t exist until the early 20th century, beyond the timescope of the game.

I understand that arguing otherwise has become trendy among entitled Westerners, but do consider us in the rest of the world, there are far more interesting and more historically accurate civs we could be discussing for AOE3.


arguing that Ukrainian national identity didn’t exist before 1991 or even just the 20th century is bordering being banned for, we do not tolerate Russian propaganda or talking points on the forum.

Ukrainian national identity, like all others, is a long process, it didn’t just magically pop out in 1917 or 1991 or whatever point you might argue but was a gradual development since the late 1700s at the latest.

now i will point out that i don’t think that was the original point of what @EasedCobra66732 was trying to say, i think he strictly was speaking about Ukraine as a state and not necessarily as a nation, which is a different argument.

anyways, this thread is about possible leaked info relation to Poland and Denmark, and i think the thread should go back to that.


1 is true, but i was answering an historical bad take originally, and 2 is not true, and i was also talking about them as revolution option, not standalone civ, which the hetmanate would be a good example, and as revolution option goes we have many that also go out of the timeline of AoE 3 so being beyond the scope of timescope of the game as revolution isn’t an argument for such addition

The start of this part is hilarious, but the later part is correct, there are other civs that are clearly better choices for standalone civs no doubt on that

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I must say, would be cool if we get Poland. They would have to be a cav civ and imo we could use more cav civs


Ukraine could be a possibility for a revolution, for the PLC (if we actually get it) and Russia of which the Ukrainian people were part of.


I know nothing about Denmark (IMO it’d be “cleaner”, albeit historically ridiculous, for the other three Scandinavian countries to be exclusive Swedish revolts (I’d do a meme Mongolia revolt to replace Finland for Russia)), so I’ll just talk about Poland.

I really do believe it’d be better for Poland to be a full civilization with revolts of its own. What those revolts are is tricky, but Latvia, Ukraine, and Tatars fit the bill according to a friend of mine from Poland.

Here’s the thing though—Latvia and Ukraine are emphatically NOT the 20th century nation states the name implies, they’re just shorthand for other stuff.

For Ukraine, I’d probably just be slapping the Hetmanate’s symbol over the modern Ukrainian bicolor with the following revolt traits to start:
-Musketeers replaced at the Blockhouse with Rekruts, trained as the Russians train them
-Blockhouse limit of 14
-Cossacks added to Stable
-Hajduks added to Tavern
-Privateers added to Dock

For Latvia, we’re looking at the urban educated elite of mid-1800s Latvia who began coalescing a cultural, linguistic, and ethnic Latvian identity from Livonian, Couronian, Semigallian, etc. medieval ethnicities in response to Russification and Germanization in Latvian lands. No idea what the revolution’s traits would be, but I’d probably use the duchy of Courland’s coat of arms superimposed onto the modern flag of Latgale.


Since they do tend to leave cut content in the files like cards they made that didn’t make it to the live version, that they went out of their way to remove those flags in the PUP means we probably were not supposed to know they exist yet.

I can confirm that at least Poland is (or was) being worked on as a revolt. I was checking out the new skins and lo and behold the new Dutch lancer is based off a Polish revolution unit.

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    <materialvariant index="2"></materialvariant>

While they may still be under development as full civilizations (and that could explain why they yoinked them out of the files after we saw them), they likely are being worked on as revolutions at the least, which leads to the question of where would they fit in as revolts (or maybe a revolt-like mechanic)?


I dont know about the model, but Red Lancers were in Napoleonic Era mod were two devs worked. I hope they will got a new portrait and descriptions cause it seems very odd to have the one from Stradiot

European/Postcolonial civs should be easier and cheaper to do than African/Native American or Asian, specially because they share building sets.

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As developers removed these two revolutionary countries from Poland and Denmark, it means starting to become a complete civilization for Denmark and Poland

Any hints when can we expect it?

thanks for taking actions here. The amount of subliminal and therefor wrong politic knowledge in this game and forums is really strange sometimes.


idk for poland there are like 4 options:

dutch, the dutch had “colonies” inside of poland

germans, frederick august and prussia and austria holding a fair bit of territory in poland

Russia, straight up revolts against russian occupation of poland.

sweden, sweden intervened in poland to try and form a personal union.

for denmark, it gets a little harder since the country was never really occupied or annexed by others, but guess is:

sweden, constant wars, the 2 sides tried to annex one another a couple of times, had the northern 7 years war, the 2nd karl gustav war etc. had different outcomes maybe the 2 countries would have been united. there was also the pan Scandinavian movement in the 1800s, similar to what you saw in germany and italy, it just didn’t work out.

personally if they absolutely insist on this id suggest changing it to “pan scandinavia” or something similar.


Yes… In late XVIII century

Again, it was in XIX century,

First hear of this.

There is no reason for making Poland as revolution option.

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thats in line with existing revolutions, they tend to be national uprisings around the “spring of nations”.

i want neither poland or denmark as revolutions, but im trying to make a guess for where it could make sense.

Strictly speaking, being a revolution option does not conflict with being a playable civ. You’ve got US, Mexico, and France to some extent.

Admittedly, the Revolutionary Poland is a good option because it can be shared with multiple civs. And it can also use some assets from the Polish civ, such as units and cards.

My bigger question is, if the Danes and Poles are playable civs, what are their revolution options? Obviously the Poles are not suitable to have Revolutionary Poland as an option.

Danes: USA, estonia, norway, S-H, pan scandinavia. could go more wack with things like canada, haiti etc.

Poles: ukraine/cossacks, estonia/livonia, USA and Romania.

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Revolutionaries could open up some new possible civs that can be split from their original ones, for example we could split Italy to Venice, Genoa, and even Papacy as revolutionary, Germany could be split to Austria, Prussia, & Swiss Confederacy, without making it a new major civ.

Excuse me, what is S-H?
And why are the Canada and Haiti mentioned?

Cossack Hetmanate (or officially the Zaporizhian Host) is a good option for Poles, Russians, and Ottomans. Its UU could be the Zaporizhian Cossack, and it could also enable and improve the Cossack Daredevil as its feature.

The estonian option should be named the same for Danes and Poles, which means its just named Livonia for both the civs, or just named Estonia for both the civs. Have to choose one.

I understand the Romania, but do we have to make so many civs have the US?

The most I can see is that Venice as a de facto “revolutionary Italy” became an option for the Germans.

Other than that I don’t think there’s a chance.
When civs themselves have access to Risorgimento and the March Revolution, I don’t think we’ll “split” them through the revolution mechanic.


Sounds good. Lots of foot Cossack musketeers (they fought predominantly on foot during this age, despite the famous view of them just being horsemen), Serdiuk Mercenaries and maybe a Tabor wagon/fortification (which would be shared with the Poles).