Design expectations for the North American natives

I see initially I thought you need to find the bison like sheep and garrison them to these traps.basically you idea is a reskin of the farm and mill.

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You can just play AoE3


Intresting topic, but … Why no cavalry? it depends on the time period they are represented on.
The iroquis did not use cavalry, And honestly they might be the most likely candidate for a north american civ ( if there is any at all) since the Iroquis confederation was quite big and important for quite a bit.

The comanche, Lakota, cheyenne used horses. Extensively. Horse archery , Gun- wielding horseriders, etcetera… but i think we are outside the max time period for Aoe II.

So… dunno.

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Agree, I think there is room for cav in north american civs. But I wouldn’t use knights and also only from castle age, not earlier.

And I think a lot of other people already said similar things in this thread aswell.

Restricted use of cavalry is enough, it doesn’t need to be taken away entirely.

I would like them to approach the more religious and spiritual civs differently. Say a civ has a god that they worship taht gives them strength. Why not let them have there god be a spawnable unit only they can see that grants them buffs? They should build each civ from their perspective.

That would be AOM.
Word limit.

game is trash dude it looks like pure garb. anyone new to aoe wants to play that. source. me

Personally, I think the Diné would be a more interesting choice. Them and the Haudenosaunee if you want two civs. Both would make for very neat civs.

Also, *Haudenosaunee.

I think one of the main problems I have with pretty much all of North American Native civs lies with the fact that the building tree is pretty much fixed and it can hardly properly represent those factions. I mean, what should a Lakota castle look like?

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Any north american civi would be the same as current meso civis you cant really add cavalry or guns during the time frame.

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Logically they shouldn’t even have artillery or ships, but it would make them unplayable.


Hun castle, Aztec blacksmith, Mayan mill, Japanese trebuchet, Goth cannoneer, Ethiopian galleon…

In my opinion, that is okay as long as the UU and UT can keep the culturally and historically correct.
Perhaps make the War Hut introduced into AoE2 and replace the castle in the castle age, which is an equivalent defensive building to castle but cheaper and weaker.


The problem imo is that castles are basically uncounterable in Castle Age. So if we try to replace them it’s basically impossible to make it balanced. If it’s weaker than castles the civ will just get castle dropped all the time. If it’s better, it will be used to rush the opponents.

But it’s a good example for the lots and lots of historical inaccuracies in the game. And I am fine with that. I agree we shouldn’t overexted these inaccuracies, but they are fine as long as they stay inside a somehat acceptable range.

It also doesn’t make sense we can even fight pre-columbian states in this game. So why don’t give them horses at later stages of the game when they already interacted with cavalry? I think there is nothing wrong with that, it’s actually historically accurate.

Game time ends in 1600 so pre colombians are perfectly fine ingame.Aztecs even fought the ottomans in philippines.

First, that’s wrong. There are several things inside the game that came later already.
Second: Who made that claim? Is this just your personal opinion how it “should” be? Then please mark it as your opinion.

Water Warfare, Castles, Siege, crossbows… Endless list. They even get anti-cavalry weaponry before they even encounter cavalry…
What’s historically accurate about this? ^^

  1. barely 22 years before your blunt suggestion when the game should end. 200 mexicans were involved in a conflict that wasn’t even theirs…

What are these anti cavalry weapons you speak of?

I also don’t even argue about changing the current mesos, but improving further american civ designs.

In addition there are reports about Native americans using Horses and Arquebusses before 1600, so it would be legit even regarding to your random timeframe for age2 that at least incas have hussars and HC…

Opposed to that I never read about them adapting to european pike/halb, water warfare, castles, siege…
So what about that? Do we have to remove it from the game?

North American civs would need a lot of work just to viable to be in the game. They would need a lot of compensation and handicaps due to the lack of technology and unit variety. They are more suited for AOE3, than AOE2 or even AOE1.

So basically you want to make the meso/per colombian civilization same as the european once and remove what makes them unique?

I think it was about the fact that the latest date for a campaign or historical battle is in the 1590’s.