Designer's Dataset - Unlock all hidden units in the editor!

For some time I’ve been making a new tool for the map creators of DE, and it has finally been done.

For those who are curious about hidden units, how to work with projectile units using triggers, or how to place hidden units like corpses, different building rubbles in your map (without using trigger studio or copy them from maps with advanced tricks),

Let me introduce you to: Designer’s Dataset - Unlock all hidden units in the editor!

Download link:
AoKHeavenGames Blacksmith

Mods Single - Age of Empires

[i]This datamod unlocks all hidden units and display it in the scenario editor (Edited language file name for them to show up) without changing their attributes, or any modification to the actual vanilla units!

You can simply use this datamod for your maps in the editor (include units up to the latest version, Dawn of the Dukes) to your heart’s content, and the map after editing will be 100% playable in vanilla.

With the newest version, v1.1.0, I also added in custom graphics for invisible units (like map revealer, invisible object, alpha units…) for them to be selectable in the editor:

Instruction of installation guide, how to use and notes are in the AoKHeavens blacksmith download page or AoE2DE main mod page.

Cheers and happy designing!


A newer version of this datamod is now live (v1.2.0) covering the Dynasties of India DLC update!

  • New dataset update for Dysnasties of India update (new hidden units added):
  • New building rubble (props): 1529, 1530
  • New corpse unit (props): 1736, 1739, 1742, 1745, 1748, 1752, 1757, 1760, 1765, 1767, 1770
  • New Invisible unit: 1758 (GAIA transition building for civ bonuses, turn into forage bush when dead)
  • New projectiles: 1756, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782
  • New graphics update for invisible unit:
  • Old unit: 1613 (Terrain Blocker)
    (note: Terrain blocker have 0 HP in their base, if you use them you have to modify their HP through triggers, but can be placed freely)
  • New DLC unit: 1776 (Blocker): Stays in the map and placed like walls

Check the download link on AoKH: to find out more.


awesome. Needed the version for the indian update

First of all, amazing mod! Secondly, When I make a scenario with broken gates and rubble items they work great, but when I test the scenario, 1 minute into the test all the dead units and rubble items disappear. Do you know a fix for this to keep all the rubble items visible forever? Please let me know, thanks!

Place the rubble items as GAIA if you want them to remain visible forever.