Desync cheater running around in highrated TGs, be careful guys

I know this forum is kinda stupid with names and such i will still post his current name + steam acc here. If this gets censored you can still go to aoezone to find his current acc/nick
Current name: shaquille_oatmealAOC but he is switching that very often
His steam acc:
Rating: low 2k1 in TG (currently)

How did we find out it is actually him:
-everyone desynced at the same time, except him, right after we started to push and kill
-he plays extremly bad for a 2k1 player, like mass idle tc, double barrack on arena, 20+ castle age time etc.
-the way he talks: he talks in very vulgar way and very often finishes his sentences with “lol”

here a short summary what Ganji received:

Mar 12, 2020 7:21:14 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC sweden is like germany’s older more chill nicer brother lol
Mar 12, 2020 7:21:14 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC sweden is like germany’s older more chill nicer brother lol
Mar 12, 2020 7:47:50 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC I’ve just writen a strongly worded email to microsoft demanding walls to be nerfed in next patch
Mar 12, 2020 7:30:43 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC arabia is for aoe noobs time to get it out of the pool guys
Mar 12, 2020 7:28:22 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC alpine lakes > arabia KAPPA smurf
Mar 12, 2020 7:21:14 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC sweden is like germany’s older more chill nicer brother lol
Mar 12, 2020 7:11:23 PM shaquille_oatmealAOC ndorin is a decent player that’ll be good match up

Today: shaquille_oatmealAOC: love your stream ganji feel bad having take elo off you bro lol

The way he talks is absolutely coherent with the descriptions of various other players on AoEzone (Odette, Memb etc.).

The main problem is we CANT report him, if the game desyncs. SO someone of the mods here needs to do his job please and help us out and report this guy. His acc and everything needs to be banned forever.

Pic of the desync:


If you’re talking about the desync’s that just happened, this appears to be worldwide. It kicked everyone form their games and now there are no games and huge ping times.

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Just had him in Meesh’s stream saying that all he does is douche then sling his team, i think the mods ended up banning him but all he would talk about is douching people, doesnt seem like a nice guy to play with

Hmm I just had an encounter with a player who purposefully dropped in a losing position. Was surprised to see no points were changed after game. Any ideas?

Thats what happens if the game DCs or out of snycs. You dont see any points, but you will get the point loss once you finished/won the next game, then you will lose more points or might surprisingly also lose points, even though you won a game.

And yes this guy really enjoys to annoy streamers, he even tried to ruin Inc’s community games. He is trying to p iss off as many ppl as possible by always going for 4v4s, douching/walling res and out of syncing the game if he fails. Its incredible how one psycopatic guy can completly ruin a game for hundreds.

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You can report him after the game if you go to >multiplayer>lobby browser>restore game. Wheter MS/RS/FE actually takes actions is another question, the chinese hacker “qw348013629” who is blatantly using hacks to spawn units and tweak gathering rates and more is still not banned.


As far as I know now after analysing my 3 encounters with this guy, he needs an outpost to perform the desync. Also if you guys want proof/info about him then just look into the aoezone thread that TT has linked on top.

His old account ( seems to be banned already since he has no games in the last 17 days. Also that account had a VAC record so he must have been caught cheating in other games as well. I hope the responsible team has a the means to IP ban this guy because i fear that people might imitate his behaviour.

He made tons of twitch accounts which makes him hard to track and he is very active in chats. As far as I know he has 3 Twitch accounts: Project_Ireland, onezerofivede and shaquille_oatmeal.

that doesnt work since there is no save file created after a desync

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you give no evidence of any form of cheating… how many times do we see some angry person think someone was cheating? it was likely a desync/server whatever and its pretty weird to accuse him of otherwise when we are all experiencing these issues, regardless of how ugly he is in game… how do you know everyone desync’d except him??

douching, walling, laming is all part of the game, tons of people do it, so again, another gross thing to try belittle him by mentioning those things

at worst he is a flamer, but your actions are even worse imo since you are indirectly implying anyone that wins during a desync is cheating and anyone that carries out those things like laming, is a a bad person… …

YoU GiVe No EvIdEnCe At All

Did you actually read the topic and the topic on aoezone before typing random stuff? Because you clearly didn’t. He talks 100% the same way as several other well known members of the community reported, this isn’t a random occasion. All experienced desync with him, where everyone desynced except this guy and this guy earned the points for it. Look at the profile of this guy on, he has already a quite high amount of drops. On top of that he has a 88% win loss ratio. Have you actually seen how he plays? He doesnt have remotely any clue of a BO, he build 2 barracks in darkage and not a single farm on arena and reaches castle age min 20+ on arena, not rushing or doing anything agressive. I mean hello? This alone is extremly fishy. And simply the fact that everyone but him DCed/Outofsynced confirms, that he is definetly cheating. I have seen with my eyes how every name was crossed except his name, funny coincidence right?
Go and watch the rec yourself and tell me, if thats how a 2k1+ player or a player with 88% win looks like:
Just compare his playstyle with me (2k3), Ganji (2k4) or Kellar (2k3) (Luca isnt worthy to compare he was afk at start, because he had trouble with his mom, this potato 11)

And now finally about you. I honestly get pissed that in this forum there are always 2-3 guys who think to be smarter than everyone, randomly throw out nonsensical arguments without reading everything carefully and disagreeing on purpose with everything. I am not randomly accusing someone, i am warning ppl of a guy that tries to cheat himself to #1 and ruin the game for everyone, if you think this is wrong then honestly you are just as bad as him.

On top of that be careful guys, he is currently playing. He just desynced vs dogao in a TG.


After our first encounter in the forum I was actually upset about you. But now I know that the fact that you are disagreeing with me is just supporting my opinion. You not reading the aoezone thread is just showing how disconnected you are from the established community.

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What really gets me is that half the aoezone and twitch-community knows about this guy. he can do this for 8 days playing 44 games, ruining the experience for 300 other players before being banned

Thats the thing. What we need is that a few very well known guys and supporters of the community get moderation rights to timeout and ban someone from Matchmaking and Lobbies. I’m thinking here not about how it is on voobly with his shady, partly selfish mods, but rather about ppl like TirRem or Jineapple, ppl that you can fully trust.


Hi @teutonictanks, Per the forum code of conduct do not call out players on the forums. I understand the current reporting system in game needs improvement however please use the in-game reporting system when possible.