Developers until when are we going to allow infinite smurf accounts?

It’s already frustrating that in each team game there are 1 or 2 accounts with few games and high win rate with a player who clearly takes 500 elo from all of them

And the solution is simple, allow shared accounts but don’t let them play in matchmaking unless they buy the game, only allow them to play in unranked lobby

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Agree +20 characters

a few things.

unranked rankings for easier ability for hosts for better control over lobbies as an anti smurf measure.

new accounts under family share will automatically have the highest elo achieved on all elos across all game modes.

that alongside improvements to the anti speedrun to lower elos and smurfing will be generally 99% squashed.

all accounts must not be restricted to any unranked lobby or otherwise. they must be allowed to queue for ranked as usual.

the new accounts may still lose elo, and that’s fine- they will be matched based on whatever elo they lose or gain just as normal and just as it should be.

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Also, i think they need to limit with elo difference between friends. Im 1900 ELO in TG games, 2 days ago my opponent was wwp.tim who is 14th ranked player in TG leaderboard with a 3500 ELO. Why I’m facing with him, because some low ELO friend or account they brought with them which balances the ELO but not skill level. So, my suggestion is, if you have more than 500 ELO difference with your friend , you cant search ranked team match together.
Or change the calculation, so if 4k and 1k ELO players teamed up, they should face to 3.25-3.5k players instead of 2.5k Elo players.


Average elo gain calculation should change. Like it must be depend on how many matches player played and current elo. Like if a player has 1600 elo and his total matcher around 50: He or she must get 50 points per a match he/she win and lose 10 points when he/she lose a match. If a player has 1600 elo and total matches around 100, he/she get 25 points and lose 15 points . With this way, players will find their right place with less matches and stay there for long time so games will be more balanced.