Lock Family Share accounts from ranked

I am talking about the group games here.

It is simple. People want to win but they couldn’t win in public groups, so they went smurfing. People just lacking of the ability to understand each other and this community is getting toxic.
Why people cannot win in public groups ? Being noob can be one reason. Also, there are many people don’t care about winning in ranked games, they just want to have fun and do whatever they want to do. I have experienced many people that resign early and team kill. I saw several people played more than a thousand of games with less than 1k team elo. These people have never bothered to learn anything and they are in ranked games. Oh great, you will get time out if you try to avoid them.

I clearly know that smurfing should not be encouraged, but this game is not encouraging people to get good, be nice, win games,

Improving the friend/clan system will go a long way towards fixing the current communication problem between players outside of a game. Once players are able to communicate more(currently players use 3rd party apps or friend each other on steam) we’ll experience more friends making parties to attempt ranked team games, and that should be encouraged.

Limiting the elo range disparity a player can play with on their team needs to be fine-tuned, and it must never become overly restrictive. 500 elo is a decent middleground, 300 elo is too restrictive on friends wanting to play together - the main problem appears when queueing with someone 1k elo+ below yourself which increases the odds of you single handedly stomping the opposing team.

i have asked you how your suggestions can solve the issue of smurf, but seems you didnt answer my questions:

TG smurfing:
imagine a situation like this:
A team: 4 2000 elo players
B team: 4 2000 elo players with 2 smurfs which they are actually 2500 and above
How your elo difference can handle this kind of unfairness?
And go to extreme, a toxic premade team can make a team of 4 smurfs and enjoying smashing the noobs, they are all starting in same elo and enjoy their fun game, how 's your way prevent this?

1V1 smurfing:
seems you totally avoid on this, or you dont get the what I am talking about on 1v1 smurf?

the harms you mentioned, the only valid is the one who legally using family share in a right way.

All of the stuffs about top players are common using smurfs, blah blah blah, are absolutely non-sense.

@RustyCrowHK thats why if its possible we should exclude family share from ranked so family share is possible for sp and lobby games (dunno bout quickplay)

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By changing the environment to be less smurf friendly - I’m not sure you’re actually reading/truly listening to the opposing opinions. You seem to be stuck in your own.

I’ve told you exactly how they can help tackle these things, but you’re acting like we’re talking two different languages and ignoring valid points to push your own further.

According to a member who opened a support ticket, looks like they’re considering “making some adjustment”. Whatever that means

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a waste of 54 games:

Why don’t they solve this issue by using the highest rating of the other accounts as the starting rating of new account ?


They can still drop elo on purpose, but it could be an option.

Should be also be punished

Compiled a list of topics on this subject over the past 6months with > 1000 replies total

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Please no, I’m playing on a family share account as I originally bought the game on my dad’s account. This would be extremely unfair to the rest of us.

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This idea is bad, but I think it presents a problem that should be addressed

I think they should just make bans affect all accounts

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Good idea but i dont think they are allowed to track ip or Devices to ban them also an vpn is altering the adress

Life isn’t fair :frowning: it isn’t fair for people getting their asses kicked by smurfs either.


Arent those accounts related somehow tho?

I Think so but its hard to track it down

There are other solutions, go look at the 15 other threads about this. We shouldn’t be removing access from part of the game for people just because some people are exploiting it.

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Yup there are other solutions, but nothing is happening. I hope something is done soon.