Devs, do something with Goth civ

Buff them. Give them some good eco. They deserve it. But don’t overdo it.

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What they need more than anything else is actually speaking gothic


give a civ that has dirt cheap infantry capable of overwhelming opponents a good eco? i can’t see any way that could backfire.


Sure but you also need to get rid of their +10 pop in imp they are certainty weak in feudal-castle but any buff could make them unstoppable in imperial age.

Just nerf Perfusion then

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the problem is that they would be able to flood and boom at the same time, overwhelming opponents.

You are talking before imperial age? In that case it will still be a pain to balance but if you reduce the infantry discount I think it will be fine

Goths civ could finally speak their own language, not Middle High German.

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I just lost a game against goth LS spam in castle age. Looks like the infantry buff has helped already !


Nice! I used to pull a strat like that on arena back before they were buffed. I think it only worked because nobody expected it. They’d be starting to boom on 2-3 TC’s when 20-30 longswords show up at the gate :laughing:. The fact that Goths don’t need to invest in supplies or arson really helps the mid game infantry rush.

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one eco buff I can think of is -75 wood for barracks. It help them save some wood for other things and get them to feudal a little faster. In exchange, I would remove instant loom and hunter bonus, those are fairly useless anyway.

One buff I could think of is to increase the train time of Huskarls from Castles, so they are not overly reliant on needing Anarchy to make them.

huscarl needs to be buffed a little in castle age along with the rest of the buffs on infantry UU.

Maybe his attack could get some small buff.

I would probably like to give Goths the 3nd cavalry armor and even the basic stone wall. In exchange of it, remove the hussars.

At least, give Goths a chance to join the regular cavalry-archer meta in especially the team game. At the same time, their infantry flood is still workable in the late game.

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not a bad idea, since huscarl is weak vs mellee a fu cavaleer plus champions could help them be more flexible. and not just the huscarl champ halb spammer

Why do huskarls need castle age buffs?

Cause after the new patch huscarl will be very fragile vs any other UU and LS.

And huscarl is goths cavalry, but it will be able to deal only with archers. Will lose hard to cav and infantry. It becomes a unique counter unit. UUs should provide ok calue in more than one fronts to be viable.

Maybe the answer is to provide an upgrade path for their cavalry so that they may invest more in cav during castle as another member suggested.

I fully support goth FU cavalier since they will become much more diverse in castle and imperial.

then leave huscarl as it is.

It’s supposed to be fragile to melee units. That’s its trade off. It does supremely well against archers and raiding. But it’s weak to melee.

No. Not even close. The huskarl is purely an anti archer unit. It’s not supposed to be good against other units. And never really has.

Create Huskarl (Cost: 80F 40G)

Gothic unique infantry unit with high pierce armor. Strong vs. archers and buildings. Weak vs. cavalry

Its clearly not supposed to be anti infantry as well

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it was fine against longswords before the +1 armor. not cost effective but ok.
Now LS hard counter it in castle and 2hs hard counters the elite one in imp (used to need champ to do this)

The needed buffs to infantry lately + the UU infantry upgrades are an indirect nerf to goths.

So i say either buff huscarl, either buff their cav and make them less of a one trick pony.
Where is the bad in that. FU cavalier wont make them op neither remove character.
Moreover they had good cav historicaly, Romans used to hire their cav.


And clearly the devs don’t think they need to be made better against melee units or it would have been buffed in the upcoming patch.

I agree goths could use love but buffing the huskarl is not the answer

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