Devs, Is there no plan about enhancing trigger system?

Today, I’ve coded my xs script with highFrequency rule option. It allowed me to control the game data frame by frame, like hyper triggers on starcraft. So I could make this magazine and the ammunition system.


Anyway, is there no plan about adding “milliseconds” or “frame” condition to trigger system like highFrequency?

xs script with highFrequency rule is really nice, but it’s lack of accessing to objects on map, unlike trigger. And triggers can’t get or do something between every ingame “second”, unlike xs script.


Also I hope to teleport units to “target object” not only to “target location” like “task object”. Don’t worry about collision. You guys already made perfect collision-ignoring effect, “replace object”.

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another problem you may come across is, when the game lags the UI lags with it and that will most likely ruin the highfrequency rule you placed too. it might be worth a test to run a test with 7 AI maxed out pop at 300, while putting your processors at only 800mhz and see if that messes with your xs script.

Can you share your xs script,so cool!Thank you very much!

Exactly! So I’ve been making very small custom scenario for small battle, to avoid that case.

Sure thing! Have fun with this ; )
(Don’t forget the changing the file extension from .txt to .xs)
xsMag.txt (3.5 KB)