DEVS, Nerfing Regnitz to 2 relics is a terrible idea

Sorry, I hate to go aggressive but I hope some dev will see this.
I’ve heard devs saying in their stream that they are planning to nerf Regnitz Cathedral to 2 relics.

Yes, Regnitz needs a nerf. No, It is not the way to nerf it.

Part of the fun with HRE is fighting for those relics, getting 2 relics is almost a given fact as HRE get prelates pre-existing on the map as you go Castle age.
Instead Id purpose the Regnitz remains with STILL 3 relics, but first relic gives 300%, 2nd gives 250%, 3rd gives 200% gold generation. You keep the HRE identity the same this way while still significantly nerfing their landmark.

I also hear the devs plan to compensate HRE in other ways, which is great news as I think their early game is very lacking.

You are more than welcome to disagree with me, I was just so sad to hear about these news I had to make a post but I am in no way ever completely right about anything. Share your thoguhts.


4 relics with 200% gold generation is the most optimal. Requires more conflict over gaining relic controls. And battles will be much more interesting but losing a relic to HRE wont be a death sentence. HRE will still be able to expand if opponent isn’t contesting.

I agree with that too, that could be a nice change as well, at least better than “2 relics only”.

I have to disagree.

Part of the fun with HRE is fighting for those relics

You still profit a lot from collecting relics but you are now incentivised to store them somewhere else other than the Regnitz Cathedral.
So you actually start making use of the unique feature of the civ to store them in keeps, towers and docks - which is great.

Also going Regnitz so far always has been a no brainer, so I am curious how it will play out and if it will make playing HRE less one dimensional.


Interesting point. I agree tbh, 4 relics in Regnitz is abit much. 3 is a magic number.
I do wonder tho if those “other options” are really valid. The dock / tower buff are seemingly just very small perks the HRE get rather than anything major that should be counted on.
Maybe improving those “perks” into actual buffs should be part of their overhaul. That would also mean people will ahve more reason to consider other options than the Regnitz

No its not a terrible idea. Its urgently needed.

Every relic you gather is a 200 gold/minute difference between you and your opponent, but in the Regnitz its a 400 gold/minute difference per relic. This is massive and its too much.

Designing a faction around relics is fine. But having a faction function without having to mine gold after Age 3 is not fine. There has to be a balance.

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Don’t think you’ve read the thread.
I AM saying it needs to be nerfed, but also saying simply removing a relic is not the right way to go about it, as it also removes an interesting aspect about their gameplay.

Its not a terrible idea at all. This nerf was very needed as most games are pretty much over the moment the hre gets 3 relics and a lot of civs struggle to deny relics, specially in closed maps where is much harder to punish their FC.
Also relics are definitely not irrelevant as now with this nerf there is a lot more incentive for hre players to explore using their relics on other buildings such as their keeps, towers, docks, etc while you can still get 600 gold per minute in the regnitz which is still pretty big.


I would have preferred 3 relics (200-200-200) instead of 2 (300-300). But it is the decision of the devs.

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It’s something I’ve also said and the Dev echoed verbatim. There are only 5 relics on any given map and ASSUME HRE WILL ALWAYS GET AT LEAST 3… why would anyone with who has common game sense not put all 3 in the regnitz? Why would anyone lose out on 300 gold/min to instead get 100gpm in a a keep? The HRE civ has a niche relic base designed that ventures BEYOND the regnitz BUT b/c the landmark is sooo strong AND takes so many relics ( 60% of the possible total), you’d never do ANYTHING ELSE but 3 relics in the regnitz AND that is all ANY decent level player does right now, one trick pony.

lastly the OP suggesting 750 gpm is a huge nerf from 900 gpm??? IMO a huge nerf would have been from 900 gpm to 475-550 gpm.

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I agree on the part were getting 2 relics is super easy for the HRE, but I disagree on your idea of nerfing it.

In my opinion, relics in the regnitz cathedral should give back just 200% of the gold (instead of 300%) but allow it to keep 5 relics.

It might potentially give back even more gold than now, but that is only if the enemy don’t contest the relic.

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If Devs want HRE players to use relics in unique way then my suggestion is to do 2 things:

  1. Make Regnitz’s unique passive a global buff meaning that no matter where you put relic, you will receive more gold than normal.

  2. Nerf the % gold income a bit.

In addition be aware of not overnerfing Regnitz because if you want to buff the other castle age landmark you may end up with another big gap between both.


The devs trying to give civilisations more diverse gameplay.

Current HRE always goes for relics, if they fail to get the relics, they get into a big problem and lose.
To tackle that, they are giving reignitz a limited amount of relics, and other relics will be used as a defensive gold generation bonus. With more changes, it should make HRE a more diverse civilisation. Collecting relics all the time to survive or have better late game advantage has become boring meta as everyone all the time does it.


Nah, I think limiting the relics in Regnitz is a great idea. It actually gives them a reason to use relics in other buildings, they have bonuses for that after all.

Either the Regnitz should be limited to 1 or 2 relics, or it should just give a bonus to relics no matter where they put them.


Your first idea still incentives HRE to alway age up with regnitz. Why would you build a 5head barracks when you can go regnitz and super buff your keeps and towers AND pump units out nonstop??

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By realizing my 2nd point - nerfing gold income. Then you can decide - have access to powerful barracks or better gold income. This would make HRE playstyle more diverse. In both cases you would want to focus on collecting relics and using them in different defensive structures/docks.

My idea was that Regnitz shouldnt be able to hold relics at all, but rather it should make it so that a relic garrisoned in any building would make 200 gpm (numbers, of course, could be further adjusted). This would allow HRE to make use of their outpost and keep relics, while still preserving that gameplay element of fighting over (all five this time) relics.

EDIT: Oh i didn’t realize @hodon3032 had the same idea as me. I def agree with him


This is exactly what I’m thinking about!


No you missed the point of your suggestion. The options would be regnitz superior gold income while retaining the power of the relic in defensive structures OR 5 barracks and relic power in defensive structures. If you can get decent gold AND be defensive?? Why would you bother with the 5 barracks? Heck if you want 5 barracks just make them after the fact.

I made a post with HRE changes a bit ago - part of that change was the Regnitz idea that @hodon3032 and I had, and another part was to buff the Burgrave beyond just making it 5x faster production. I had the idea of making Burgrave units cost 25% or 50% less gold, to encourage picking Burgrave over Regnitz in situations where relics can’t be secured.

Like I’m fine with HRE’s default being Regnitz. Burgrave should be for

  1. If they can’t secure many relics
  2. For a early castle age timing attack, which my buffed burgrave would def support
    Those are the two situations I would want Burgrave to serve